Hey, have you recently built your website using WordPress? And If you’ve been wondering about how you will get perfect hosting for your site then you’re not quite far from the valuable information that you’re going to get from my WP Engine Review. WP Engine consistently ranks at the top to manage website hosting providers. There’s no reason to dislike it. Let’s Discuss WP Engine.

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a managed website hosting provider catering to users who have built their websites and blogs using WordPress. They are based in the United States but have offices and data centers worldwide.

When was WP Engine Founded?

WP Engine was founded on March 1st, 2010, by Ben Metcalfe, Bullen Wilson, and Jason Cohen. Co-founder Aaron Brazell was very active in the WordPress developer community and the three saw an opportunity to offer a better host for WordPress users.

Where is WP Engine located?

According to Crunch base, WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas. They currently have offices in San Francisco, San Antonio, London, and Limerick, Ireland.

Why hire a WP Engine?

We should hire WP Engine because of all these distinctive features which provide them a better identity.

  1. Security: Proactively finding a solution for every security issue with confidence makes it unique.
  2. Speed: No matter how much traffic your website gets, WP Engine helps you to make your website fast and easily loadable.
  3. Scalability: WordPress hosting is hard to scale. EverCache is the scalable architecture present in the  WP engine that makes your site doubtlessly fast.
  4. Cost-Efficient Hosting: No matter how great the hosting is if it is not Providing cost-efficient hosting that most of the people will not be able to afford it. Therefore the most important aspect on which WP Engine focuses is the cost-efficiency of WP Engine.
  5. Reliable Hosting Server: It is a much reliable hosting server as there are so many experts having years of experience working together for their clients with their knowledge.
  6. Defensive Policy To Assure Customer Satisfaction: It assures customer satisfaction with an especially accepted defensive policy.


  • Free Access to All the StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes (That’s over $2,000 in value)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Dev/Stage/Prod Environments
  • Fully Managed Global CDN
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • Automated Backups
  • Free CDN and SSL Certificates
  • Global Data Centers
  • Uptime Protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Threat Detection & Blocking
  • Dedicated Security Engineering Technology

What Does WP Engine Do Differently than Other Web Hosting Services

The hosting environment created by WP Engine has been deliberately created for installations and plug-ins for WordPress.

Consider this helpful aspect. Unlike many web hosts, if you are creating a new website, there is no need to install WordPress.

The content management system is already preinstalled. The simple process, to begin with, involves opening an introductory email and examining the necessary login requirements, and then you’re off to the races!

The clean and user-friendly backend

From the viewpoint of content creation, Its allows for a clean and smooth creation of different pages, image galleries, and post.

It is adaptable and harmonizes with numerous WordPress plug-ins.

Yet, it should be noted that there is a narrow list of plug-ins that it does not work with. This, however, is not done without reason, but rather simply because some plug-ins are repetitive of WP Engine functions, or they reduce the efficiency of WP Engine’s performance.

Additionally, It does not allow the never cache option for traditional web-hosting. As a result, Linux or Windows-based non-WordPress sites and related apps cannot be used.

As a positive thought, many aspects, such as daily site backups and plug-in updates are automated with WP Engine.

Another beneficial aspect is Ever cache, WP Engine’s proprietary system technology that merges caching and proxy servers making it highly scalable, giving your website quick load times.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a domain name from WP Engine which isn’t convenient, but it certainly doesn’t affect the quality of their services. There are simple instructions to guide you through adding your domain name to your site.


When you pack so many features into a hosting package, the price is bound to rise, however, I think that its pricing plans are very fair. At the moment they are also running a special promotion in which you get two months free when prepaying for a whole year.

WP Engine’s pricing plans

Performance at WP Engine

I have noticed a huge good difference in my website speed using this Engine. The EverCache technology in WP Engine has ultimately improved my page loading times. And the result I got testing my site on webpagetest.org was extraordinarily amazing. You can have look at my results:

WP Engine Pros & Con


  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Expert WordPress Support Staff
  • EverCache Technology for Faster Page Loading
  • Hacked Sites Fixed at No Charge
  • WordPress Updates Automatically Installed
  • Free Data Backup and Restore
  • Separate Staging Area for Testing Plugins and Themes
  • Development, Staging, and Production Environments
  • Free 60 Day Trial
  • No Long-Term Commitments Necessary
  • Excellent Support Response Times
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Free StudioPress Themes
  • Free Global CDN
  • Billing Transfer Features for Consultants and Developers of WordPress
  • Transferable Installs 
  • WP Engine Solution Center


  • More Expensive
  • Not Applicable for Non-WordPress Platforms
  • Some Plugins and Themes are not allowed
  • Additional Charges applied if the Set Number of Visitors exceeds the limit
  • Additional Charges applied if the Set number of Storage exceeds the limit.

Here are some of the Benefits from WP Engine’s website itself:

The first point to note is that if anyone uses wp engine as their hosting then their site’s user will get a fabulous digital experience. Here I have mentioned some extra points from their site.

There are no technological hurdles and if there are any then the WP Engine’s professionals will deal with that technological issue and inform you of any real-time threats. Therefore you don’t have to wait to start and you have a chance to move faster than the original speed. No hurdles and No worries so that you can focus on your task and make yourself available in the market faster than you think. You can perform your work more efficiently with no time consumed by these technological hurdles and can perform better and faster.

Everybody loves the security of their website. It is also very very important to keep your website secured by unknown hackers and viruses, malware, and cyber-attacks. Therefore, This Engine also provides the best security for your sites and they also keep a watch on real-time threats and report them immediately.  Some plugins expose a website to fragility and invite threats to the website. So to solve this, the WP Engine Review has a system that scans this type of plugins and disables them automatically.

It stands different from all the web hosting providers for WordPress sites. As all the technical side is handled by  WP Engine very smoothly there is nothing to worry about FTPing and messing around with databases as WP Engine does the whole technical work and keeps the thing well-maintained for us.

No efforts are needed to maintain your user portal. On your user portal, you can manage your sites that are on WP Engine Review. There are powerful admin tools like Themes, Global Edge Security, Page Performance and Smart Plugin Manager, etc. You can also monitor your audience in your user portal.

This Engine also boosts ROI by improving the SEO factors like page speed, bounce rate redirection of links if you’re redesigning your WordPress site. One of the major points is that it will also provide you a hacking guarantee and your site’s IP Address will be well protected.

And lastly, with some of the amazing features of the WP Engine mentioned above, it indirectly boosts the engagement of the users in the sites hosted in it.

Customer Support

Recently 50,000+ clients have trusted the WP Engine company as it provides reliable customer support with 24 X7 availability. The company has launched its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and offices in San Francisco, London, and England to provide fast response and better customer feedback. You can easily have contact with their expert customer care executives with the help of email, phone calls, and ticketing technology.


This Engine is one of the best Managing Hosting for WordPress. Great performance, Features & more for some customers Complexity and price make it less of a fit for others. It is the best choice for you if you have created your site using WordPress. It is specially designed for WordPress and if you’re using it for your WordPress site then surely you will win over one of the parameters of SEO that is the speed of your website.

I hope you found this information useful and for more valuable information keep checking our website for more articles about Websites and Digital Marketing

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