When we write to share or educate our readers about something, our blog becomes more than the content we publish to it. It becomes a reference and a firm source of data which later on can define your capability as an expert. This clearly sums up and explains our desire to write better content. But the challenge is, there are a lot of widgets for readers to choose from. Making it a bit tough to decide which is which to use for your site.

This dilemma can leave you with a littered, over-cluttered blog with unnecessary buzzers. These can look messy, unreliable and unprofessional. Using a lot of widgets can do you no good as well as they compete for visitor’s attention. This affects the performance and essence of the content itself which later on wastes your effort.

How can we truly enhance and improve our blog? Know more about the best widgets online and heed benefits later. Here is a quick rundown of the best blog widgets you can use to improve your blog. Definitely a must-haves-list to help your readers understand you better! Sweet!

Let’s get more idea about these widgets

Use an Email Subscribe Form

Generate a long list of readers by converting casual visitors into dedicated subscribers. These people can and will definitely share your content whenever they are pleased. This just means that they can expose your brand to a new and wide range of audiences which is what you need to establish brand awareness.

However, to turn one casual reader into a subscriber, it will take heaps of impressive content to earn them. So first things first have great content. Then keep new subscribers coming by being consistent. Impressive, reliable and professional content will sure to keep yourself and your readers active on both ends.

Get Yourself a Good Looking Author Profile

When a widgets for readers loves your content, it is just normal to ask to see your face and a little bit of information about you. It is actually just logical feedback when one seeks credibility for shared knowledge such as an informational blog. Give them what they want and add a short profile of yours below your content. This is beneficial especially if your site is accepting multiple contributors.

Not just it’s simple, it is also a very good way of giving credits to whom it is due. It also gives your blog site an opportunity to connect and demonstrate yours and your contributor’s capability to write.

Maximize the use of an RSS FEED

RSS Feeds are timely as it automatically updates itself every time new information is posted. This simply means that your subscribers receive information that is up to date. RSS Feed is also spam free as it is embedded on the site unlike with an email subscription that requests basic information such as an email address.

However, tracking with an RSS feed is a bit tough. It is all about achieving the widest syndication possible, unlike with email subscriptions that are using other metrics to know more about your audience.

Add Social Media Buttons

Leaving social media buttons on every page or anywhere near your content somehow teaches your readers to do a bit of “leg work” for you. This provides you an additional opportunity to get exposure on social media platforms whenever your readers are sharing and liking your blog. Take note that these buttons also share your content with people outside your network. A clear hint that you will be getting bigger.

Comment Section

This is the most interesting widget amongst all that is mentioned above. Why? No matter how simple this box of comments appears to be, it works and gives you benefits more than the others. When kept active, a comment section can keep your post very much alive as this is where your readers can collaborate and share their thoughts about your content.

A content or a post should encourage a short exchange of thoughts between the author and the readers. While it is true that there is a downside to leaving this part available, your reader’s output and feedback are still the best elements you can get to improve your business.

 Popular comment widgets include DISQUS and LIVEFYRE.

Widgets for Blogger

If you are still curious or if you have other widgets for readers in mind, share your selection with us and we’d be happy to update our guidelines for improved content. CONTACT US!