It’s fairly odd to cast our minds back 5 or ten years ago to the time when Social Media just existed as a breakthrough industry stylish/trendy expression. It was a period when the idea of a smartphone made any technology lover break out in a perspiration. Right when television shows, movies and 240p internet videos were the only video media available. From that point forward however, social media has turned into a sign of the age in which we live, but what definite use does it have? What social media has given us over the years?

One of the greatest benefactors of the blast in social media has been businesses. Companies and entrepreneurs, both huge and little, have been able to harness the power of centralized networks such as Twitter and Facebook to market and advertise their products/items and services, reaching potential customers in a manner that couldn’t have been envisioned in the pre-social media era. Online betting company Coral, for case, has been able to advertise its many roulette games via its various profiles on these sites, bringing in expansive volumes of new customers who would otherwise have not thought about playing such games before.

The trending/drifting sections of many social media sites also have the same effect for companies, however such impacts are more nuanced than merely assisting in the provision of advertising. Large companies launching ad campaigns and the like may, if said campaign captures the public creativity, find that their company name is trending. What results is more publicity, more web chatter and increased business as a result. Businesses and individuals that want to take advantage of trends can also keep a watchful gaze over the new ideas and topics that social media users are talking about most, gearing their provision of products, services and promotions towards these ever-changing trends. This effect, of course, can work the other way. SeaWorld has been mercilessly brought down by trending stories and scandals in recent years, its rather old-fashioned approach to conservation being set upon by worldly minded social media users.

That’s not to say the trending feature is just beneficial for business, though. Experiment, a start-up that acts as a Kick started for scientific research, has trended hugely across social media as Universities across the world have partnered up with the company. Day by day, millions more people to grow more aware of the start-up, helping it achieve its aims and pushing the company into the public consciousness.

Then there is a clear picture that what social media has given to us of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. People can communicate, organize and socialize in a near-instantaneous fashion, ridding populations of the tedium that came with landlines, letters, and pages and making our interactions far more fast-paced and fluid.