I never heard from any blogger yet that he/she doesn’t want to make their blog post viral. Also, I never heard from many that they want to make blog posts viral. In both scenarios, there are some special reasons.

In first definitely, everyone wants to make Blog Post Viral as it will help them to grow many ways ($) :).

In second many carry fear because they don’t know how to do this? How it will happen? Are there ways?

So here I plan to put some ways from which I got success & I hope it will help you too.

Note: There is no secret sauce to make you every post a viral. However, there are many things you can do to increase your chances.                                                                                           

Let’s learn how to make blog post viral

To achieve this need strong internet presence & traffic / traffic-driving technique. But it takes more effort to get traffic like a storm but it’s not impossible! Don’t just rely on one or two traffic driving sources & wait for a miracle. Build something (strategy) for you which helps to reach many and also will help to get more traffic from.

That something (strategy) will help you to get to know that what helps you for gaining more traffic & whatnot, also it will help to prepare an effective plan of action were to work hard (which same more time).

Below are the exact effective ways to make a blog post viral

One last check before publishing post & start working on it to make it viral check the blow’s post for the better basement of a blog post.

1. Share it in your subscriber list (Mail list)

You have to collect as many as possible emails to whom you can share your blog post if you have mail list ready you can share the blog post with them and get many from them return back to your blog post.

2. Share the same blog post with only excerpt with return back link and also include #hashtag, then share on your fan page & personal walls

As social media is the platform where people spend most of the spare time of there is the best place to showcase your content and people who are your fan page liker, follower and personal profile friends will help to act (like, comment, share, etc.) on your activity at fan page & profile.

Also posting with excerpt help to make them curious to read more about it and return them to the website for the full post.

#Hashtag helps to reach too many who are associated with it & willing to hear about.

3. Share post in blog post category related Facebook groups

This one (Facebook groups) helps a lot as here you get your most relevant targeted crowd which will initiate momentum with blog posts like they will start a discussion on the same topic. From there you will get much of action with your blog post and that will help to make blog posts viral.

4. Share blog post on twitter with relevant trending #hashtag

On twitter, you will have more engaged visitors with relevant #tag who will spend more time on your page. Because you will use #hashtags which will enter you in the most vibrant environment of discussion. Also in the same environment, many presents who are asking for the answer to their query & your blog post may be the answer not only for one but for many. So this way many will join the discussion with #hashtags to get solutions to their queries.

5. Use Blog Post As A Vehicle which Take people on journey

Who doesn’t like to hear a story?

 Use your storytelling skills to show them about the possibility as that will make people winners. They must consider your blog post a story then only they can like that & share that with many which indirectly help blog post to go viral.

6. Rectify the past most shared content

You need to do research before writing you’re as because better research content will make a big difference.

7. Work On The Title Headline (For Post & Social Media)

If your blog post has great content that will help many but doesn’t have a catchy title headline, it will reduce your chances of going viral as it will directly reduce your chances to get people attracted/inspired to read it. If they don’t ready how can they share Or Like?

8. Work On The First Section Called As Introduction Of Blog Post

Hey WOW! people click on title headline, You did a great job. But it’s not job done, it’s started here now you need to impress him/her to stick with blog post throughout. The only best introduction can make the reader read on and on.

9. Manage Content Visually Appealing

People love pictures; they play more attention to picture than content. A picture speaks more than words. Responsive designs too even help many ways.

10. Keep it in mind that your content can educates people something.

It’s also important because if people consider that your post teaches them something, they feel they learn something then they will share it with their friends.

Some more which are also effective ways

11.Make it easy to share & be specific with sharing platforms

12.Use attractive image which will be Pinterest friendly

13.Highlights notes, quotes & manage them to twit it easily

14.Manage proper call to action in a blog post

15.Positive content helps more to go viral

16.Submit to a site like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious

17.Post on Forums in niche

18.Post to Google +

19.Submit to Technorati, Slideshare

20.Post to Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn

21.Submit to Directories

22.Use it in Forum comments

23.Use it in relevant blog comments

24.Do social bookmarking

25.Refer to posts on Yahoo! Questions Answers

26.Manage it in Press releases

27.Add to your signature in forums

“Good Content Must Always Be Shared Again & Again”

It’s not compulsory to work on all but it will help you to choose from where you’re getting results which you will plan accordingly. So use this above once & let us know your story on the same.

Also, if you have any another way to achieve this then kindly share with a comment