User-Friendly Website Design tips, hear you get an answer to What Makes a Website User-Friendly? User-Friendly Websites Characteristics.

A website is designed ultimately to serve the users. A website designed mobile-friendly will provide a seamless experience to the user allowing users to find the information easily they are looking for. There’s nothing more frustrating than browsing through a website that is difficult to understand and navigate. When visitors get frustrated, there’s more likely a chance they will leave the website and so the bounce rate will increase. Website interface, design, layout, everything should be simple and clear to comprehend. Following mentioned are the tips to improve the website experience of the users and target the potential audience through a user-friendly design.

User-friendly Website Design Tips

Valuable Information
A user-friendly website has this top quality of providing relative information to the visitors. The users come to your website with the expectation to find something and if they find the relative information easily then the user engagement will increase on your website. It depends on your content and so the information should be presented in that way. Moreover, blogs can be added to facilitate the users.
Ensure your navigation is easy.
Navigation is the essence of every website. Having a simple and easy to understand navigation is one way of presenting a user-friendly website to the users. Don’t over complicate things which will lead to confusion. Try inserting a call to action button to provide easy access. In addition, you can add links to your pages where users can reach you. Place the important stuff in the navigation bar to avoid making it overcrowded.
Watch your website speed.

Once a visitor land on your website, he needs to get access to the information quickly as they get impatient if they’ve been kept waiting for too long. This indicates that when designing a website the loading time should be kept in mind to make it user-friendly. Make sure that the website loads within 3 to 6 seconds to stop the visitor from leaving the site. This also affects the search engine ranking of your website so you better start working on your site speed.

Add a search bar to your website.
You probably have a website in your hand, and you’re looking for ways to make it more friendly. Remember to add a search bar on the website so if the visitor can’t find anything on the homepage, he can use the search bar to look for it easily.
Include easy to read a content.
Visitors come to the website in search of information that is easy to comprehend and useful for them. The information should compel the users to get interested in your business and buy your products and services. Make use of keywords in your content and make the visitors feel good when they visit your site and build their trust and loyalty in your brand.
Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
Your targeted audience are mobile users. They access your website through mobile devices. This indicates that your website should be designed mobile-friendly that is responsive to mobile devices of all screen sizes. Create your design in such a way that it doesn’t take much time in adjusting according to the mobile screen. To ensure this, you can test your website across different mobile devices to see the friendliness.
Interconnect your visitors.

Your visitors should be provided a page where they can leave their feedback and suggestions. This is a good way to engage your customers and ensuring they leave feedback on your product and services. Once you get their feedback or suggestion, you’ll know how to work on them. This will revert back the customers back to your website and turn them into potential clients.

Add contact details
You wouldn’t want your visitors leaving your site and going to your competitor if they fail to find your contact information. You need to make sure to provide complete contact information to the visitors. Insert your contact number, email address on the front page so the users can find it easily. In addition, you can add a contact form for the visitors to fill up if they want your company’s information and details.
There you have it.

These are the 8 tips that will result in making a mobile-friendly design. Implement these tips on your site and make sure you test your website to correct any bugs or flaw which can harm your website’s credibility and visibility. Sticking to these tips will definitely ensure a mobile-friendly website design.

We hope you found this User-friendly Website Design tips helpful, we will be happy to listen to your thoughts on this.