The travel industry travel affiliate networks is the most lucrative niches out there, it reported sales of over $96 billion just in 2014 and is expected to rise to $260 billion by the year 2019.

It is one of the top niches in affiliate marketing too because they provide high affiliate commissions.

In fact, it will be rare to see an online travel agency that does not run its own affiliate program.

Becoming an affiliate for a niche like that will ensure that your affiliate marketing efforts and investments are rewarded and get good profits on your investments.

Types of Travel Affiliate Programs

Because of such facts, I dedicated this post to teach you the major ways that you can invade this niche by showing you the opportunities out there so you can start your travel affiliate business soon.

Travel Affiliate Networks

As you know, affiliate networks are portals to find different affiliate programs.

We visit affiliate networks to find different programs and products that we make money with, and the more affiliate networks we search the better.

Many affiliate networks have offers from travel companies. You can discover hidden gems in such networks.

Independent Travel Affiliate Programs

Not every travel program runs through networks.

Some big players have what it takes, including trust, to run their own affiliate programs successfully.

In a niche like travel, independent affiliate programs are not uncommon.

I want to show you one of these affiliate programs as an example.

With you make money by promoting hotels and airline tickets; the rates are cheap.

For airplane tickets that are sold through you, you get paid about $7 each.

For hotel bookings, on the other hand, you get about $20 per each room booked.

There are more details into this that you can find on has many tools for affiliates, and they pay a decent amount of money.

If you’ll be an affiliate with, this is the amount of payout that you should expect to receive on average.


Travel Affiliate Program Payout

The total amount you see in the screenshot ($6 131 366) is so decent. The average payouts are decent too.

As an affiliate network, you have some payment options to choose from.

The most common options used with this affiliate program are…

SWIFT – this option is very good. All you need to get your payouts is a simple bank account. You don’t need anything else.

PayPalPayPal is convenient for too many people around the world. It is a great online payment wallet company that allows people to send money online without revealing their bank account details. Good for privacy.

There are also other options like PayPal: e-payments, Web money, and

Tools for Affiliates

If you’re an affiliate with any program, you’ll need some tools that make people buy from you.

I want to highlight some tools offered by for affiliates:

Search Form Tool

There are 2 types of forms: form for plane ticket search and form for hotel search. These two forms allow your website visitors to search for airplane tickets or available hotel rooms.

Travel Affiliate Program Banner

Form Builder Tool

If you want to create forms from scratch, this tool allows you to do this conveniently.

It makes you customize everything from scratch. The form includes many settings regarding every aspect of the form.

If you have a WordPress website/blog, then you can also add a search form plugin.

This will allow you to provide search functionality on your affiliate website.


Instead of using search forms, which is a very great sales too, you can use banners instead.

Banners allow your visitors to find airplane tickets or hotels exactly like the search forms described above.

Travel Affiliate Networks Banner

There are also other tools; here is a quick view of them:

Best Offers Feeds – Those feeds allow you to get the information about the best deals from different agencies.

White Label – In a nutshell, the white-label feature allows you to use your brand name in the tool instead of using the company’s brand name.

This feature is useful if you want to start your own travel business (reseller) instead of being just an affiliate.

API – Finally, offers a wide range of API you can use on your website. API is a piece of software that allows you to integrate some features on your website without getting the code of their proprietary programs.

The offered APIs are:

  • API Flight Data Access
  • Affiliate Stats API
  • Hotel Search API
  • Flight Search API
How to Start Promoting Travel Programs

There are many ways to make money with different affiliates programs and networks.

In affiliate marketing, your role is to generate traffic to the affiliate program you’re a partner with.

To do this, you need to have a set of skills other than finding affiliate programs.

To be successful in promoting travel affiliate networks and products, you need to have a blog.

To build a successful blog you need to have a content strategy.

In order to create great content steadily you should have a passion for the travel industry and also have a considerable amount of knowledge that attracts and engages your blog visitors.

This content will make people trust you more, which is essential if you want them to buy from you and follow your recommendations.

In a nutshell, the more knowledgeable you have and express, the more trustworthy you are and the easier you’ll sell to your audience as a result.

You Need to Generate Traffic Steadily

Traffic makes or breaks an affiliate marketer.

Affiliates who make three, four or five-figure income are doing so because they can generate traffic to their websites.

When it comes to generating traffic, then the more traffic your blog gets the better sales you make.

I want to highlight the most effective ways to generate massive traffic to your affiliate website.

Blog Ads

Go to relevant blogs in your industry and ask them for ad space on their websites. The ads shouldn’t cost you much.

Second, make sure the blog you’ll approach is trustworthy and has a decent amount of traffic.


Just try to advertise your blog on Google by bidding on long term keywords.

Long term keywords are not expensive. You should pick up the relevant keywords first and then target them in your PPC campaign.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook allows you to target people by interest.

You can set different variables while setting up your ad campaigns such as geographic, demographics, etc.

Facebook ads allow you to receive a massive amount of traffic to your blog, which in turn will translate into trust and sales in the long run.


You need to create your own affiliate marketing plan before you start. However, it’s not hard these days for anyone to make money online as an affiliate.

Having an affiliate marketing course or training (like Affset) can also go a long way in helping you become a better affiliate marketer.

And will certainly help you find affiliate programs in lucrative niches like the Travel industry.


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