Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2017. A strategy is essential to succeed in the digital realm. To make it simple I will rephrase it like this, my content strategy has resulted in, top 25 of my articles to give the result of the remaining 500+ combined. I am pretty sure most of you would have experienced this. So it is essential to know which online marketing strategy is best for you. When used wisely these online marketing strategies can help you get better ROI than any other online activity.

I have mulled over a lot to come up with an top digital marketing strategy for my website. Below are the top strategies that will get you better online traffic, sales, and conversion.

Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Artificial Intelligence is the next Big Leap – Yes it IS

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We are in a stage where sporadic evolution comes with better and higher decision-making tools. Automation has become much simpler and is perceived as a necessity. the one best example is the use of lead management and leads nurturing tools on the website. It is quite sarcastic to believe that a person who lands on your website will directly convert into a paying customer. So it is essential to make sure that you place a sales acceleration tool that will help strategically push the lead from the awareness stage to the decision stage.

According to DeBroff notes, The current trends with the startup as well as data analytics is identifying applicable artificial intelligence solution as a better way for users to navigate in a rapidly evolving complex world. Microsoft came up with Cortana, Amazon came up with Alexa, to drive frictionless customer experience. These voice processing tools will boost the purchasing decision of users.

2. Wearable Technology is the new Technology wave

Down the line, Wearable Technology will have a dramatic impact on internet marketing. It’s quite interesting to see how wearable technology has become a part of our daily life. According to Business Insider, the units sold by wearable tech companies will increase from 33 million in 2014 to 148 million in 2019. Certain industries like health and fitness, E-commerce businesses, App designers, etc has shown its interest in wearable gadgets. In the future, the importance of these gadgets will increase at a higher rate and as a business, it is necessary to position yourself at platforms where people engage.

3. Provide an Omni-Channel Experience to users

The main intention of creating online marketing strategies is to interact with users seamlessly across multiple channels, regardless of which platform they use to interact. The best example will be “How Disney was successful in Delivering an Omni-Channel Experience”.

Disneys experience starts with a mobile responsive website. Let’s see it as the first point of contact. The visual effects are so amazing that they stimulate a response to visiting the place. Secondly, the ‘My Disney Experience Tool’ will help users to plan the entire trip. Once they arrive at the park the tool will help users to locate different attractions and see the average waiting time across the attractions. All these facilities are provided by Disney with a holistic approach in mind, that the user or customer should get the best possible experience “A period to seamlessly enjoy the joy of fun”. Where the end objective is to create satisfies and loyal customers.

4. In-store Marketing

In-store marketing, the term may look foreign to you. As an enterprise, we invest a lot of money to bring people to our offline store. But once they are inside the shop what are we doing to augment them to convert. Through In-store marketing, we will be able to send personalized messages that highlight the kind of discount and offers available for them. Imagine that you randomly went into a hypermarket.

Let’s say you have previous experience buying from this hypermarket and you have their app installed on your mobile. Since you are there you thought of buying groceries. The grocery section is at the extreme end and you need to walk past 10 different sections to reach there. The hypermarket has integrated into in-store with top digital marketing strategies. So when you rush to the other end looking for groceries, as you enter in each section you will be getting alerts and messages on the app. Displaying what are the best offers and deals available in each section. You are passing the cosmetics section and the app says 70% discount on all hair creams. Definitely, you will be intrigued to check it out. The key goal of In-store marketing is to entice you to buy more products.

American supermarket Target has successfully installed this system. The reward app launched by Target helps people to get notifications of special offers and discounts available when they pass each section inside the hypermarket

5. Creating Interactive Content

Based on Aaron Agius interactive content will be the trend in 2017. High-quality content that has the intrinsic power to attract, and force people to interact with the interface will help marketers boost their bottom line. Publishing general blogs periodically is a classic method, yes it is inevitable that you need to produce blogs. Instead of generating general articles try to create articles that have some actionable items in it. One which provides tips, tricks, and methods to find a complete solution. Interactive content will be a key differentiator when compared with competitors.

The Internet of Things is changing the way we all interact with electronic devices. Stats published on IBM says that by 2025 IoT will be generating $11 trillion in economic activities. With IoT, Google augmented its real intelligence (Nest Learning Thermostat) to become a smart system that helps in learning the buyer’s behavior. Internet of Things helps to connect with different devices we use on a daily basis and help to increase efficiency as well as productivity make life easier.

Gillett mentioned that the reason why companies are interested in investing in IoT. IoT helps to interact with customers on a daily basis, It increases brand awareness and customer engagement so here are some top digital marketing strategies. It may start small but helps to build a strong relationship.

Internet of Things gives us a lot of data, when analyzed properly helps to get tremendous insights into the customer dimensions.

Mobiles will Outsmart Desktops

Smartphones have become an innate part of our life. A study in 2011 found that Americans spend an average of 2.7 hours on their mobile just socializing. Micro-moments are one concept where the user searches for an instant solution with higher accuracy. Most people when in need of an instant solution reach out to their mobile phones. Mobiles are one of the kind portable devices that continuously connect us to the online world.

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