Do you find your website not very good looking that can call your potential customers? Then you are at the right place here you get a top 5 website design tips. So what have you decided to do to make your website look appealing and attractive? Do you know what all you have to work over for designing a beautiful website? If you do not belong to this niche, most probably your answer would be a NO. But it is your business and only you know what type of customers you want to hang out on your website. So give some time to your website, make plans, discuss your plans with your designers and get an appealing website for your business.

However, in this article, we are discussing some very useful tips that will help you in designing a website that speaks. Keeping these things in mind will allow you to design a website that will give you the desired returns and your customers would love to visit.

1. Your site needs to be fast loading
When you design a website it should get loaded to the browser. Users do not like those websites which takes too long time to load. Nobody has time to stop and wait for your website to open. The time your website will take to open they will move to some other website to look for their products they are looking for. You must have experienced it yourself that even seconds look like a year when you are waiting for a website to get load. The best way to reduce your site’s loading time is by using fewer images but more text. Every user does not have blazing internet speed, so you have to keep them in mind before you design anything.
Make use of decent colors:
While designing your website do not use very bright colors. They give a bad impression of your business and its services. Web designs are always accepted if they are decent and appealing. Instead, use decent and elegant colors to design a website that should look royal and effective. Using black text on a white background is the standardized form. Keep in mind that your reader should not have any trouble in mind while reading the text on your website.

Pop-ups serve as the best marketing tool and sometimes they give you very effective and beneficial results. But excess of everything is bad so make sure that you do not go over with these pop-ups. The majority of your visitors won’t like pop-ups because they have to cancel it now and then. Sometimes they just support malware if you click on them. So people do not prefer using much of pop-ups. You are only advised to use pop-ups when you have something very high in value for selling and when you are 100% sure that the visitors will click on the pop-up. Other then this there is no point using pop-ups.

Make your website easily accessible:
Your website should be easy to navigate. If your visitor is forced to click 10 links to reach somewhere then he will prefer to change the website rather than changing the link. It might be quite shocking for you to know that you lose 50% of your visitors every day just because your website is not easy to navigate. Your website should be designed in such a way that your visitors should reach the place with less than 5 clicks.
Be sure of what you want:
You have to be sure about why you want a website for your business. Ask yourself five times before you go to designing a website. Having a website is not the end, designing a website means increasing the number of responsibilities. Your website will only pay you off only if it is popular and satisfy the purpose for which it has been created.

Hence keeping these Website Design Tips and top 5 website design tips in mind will help you in designing a complete and beautiful website for your business