My name is Melisa, and I want to tell you my story – The story of a blogger. I am a guest post writer. I have wanted to become a writer since I was a kid. In childhood, I felt like writing horror stories, though. I just loved horror movies and did not spend a day without watching one. Later, I began reading classic books and wanted to write something of the kind. I did not succeed back then but in spite of that, I have found my audience among enthusiastic readers. I have been writing guest articles for 10 years now and enjoy it very much.

Looking for guest post opportunities, I have come across plenty of websites by now and I was lucky enough to find allinformer, which accepts guest posts. It was a win-win deal and I understood it at once. The blog is based on those particular topics I am interested in. Moreover, those are my areas of expertise. Blogging, obviously, freelancing, making money online, search engine optimization (That’s right!), email marketing, which is why this blog fits perfectly well.

I belong to that category of people, who are fond of self-development and eager to provide with some good writing so those people who enjoy reading just like me had a chance to enrich their minds with knowledge. It is highly important to develop oneself because in doing so, the story of a blogger one makes it to where one becomes wiser besides mental activity postpones one’s chair days. In addition, I try to eat healthily and those products, which improve attention and cheers up among which are bananas, avocado, dark chocolate and drink a lot of water.

The sky is the limit. I have never stopped reading books and articles from other bloggers. There are many I enjoy following and read different kinds of books. Moreover, I make friends with a lot of writers. We exchange knowledge and even travel together. My favorite season is autumn, and I enjoy hiking. Together with my friends, we have a tradition each year we go hiking. It is so much fun and enjoyable to combine work and pleasure. There is still a dream we cherish to win the top of Everest.

A sound mind in a sound body, which is why I go in for sports. I visit the gym for 3 years now and have started practicing yoga. For me, it is the best end of the day when I can simply relax, do a few exercises before I go to bed then I sleep better and wake up thinking positively with a smile on my face. Even though I am an atheist, I am very thankful to God and those people who accept articles and enjoy reading them for the opportunity to write, be accepted and appreciated. It means a lot to me. It gives me joy, pleasure, and hope for a better future.

What my plans for the future are? Well, apart from winning Everest’s top, to start a family, to travel around the world and, of course, to keep on writing because I have a passion for writing and it is something I will feel like doing for the rest of my life. I would like to wish everyone to follow their dreams because dreams come true. The story of a blogger Do not stop dreaming. Do not stop believing. And just be yourself. You will make it.


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