Google+ republisher

The Strong Impact of Google rel publisher is a part of a knowledge graph that allows the Google engine to more readily find information about a specific business website. The republisher tag is placed within the header section of your website.

Right now, there is limited perceived value that Republisher provides a website. Currently, its greatest contribution to a website is that when branded search queries are made in Google, the Knowledge Graph for that question should display a widget for that brand’s corresponding Google+ page which includes:

Name of Google+ Page

How many followers the page has

When the page was lastly updated

Option to start following the page, if the user is signed in.

For Strong Impact of Google RelPublisher on your business a physical location and have that data properly filled out on their corresponding G+ page, having the Republisher tag implemented may also help to ensure that this data is correctly displayed in the Knowledge Graph.

Some other than this benefit, there remains only speculation as to what the Publisher tag can or will do for a website. Google has been increasing the value they put behind the Rel=Author tag as part of their algorithm use for ranking content, and there is speculation that the Publisher tag will eventually be used to further refine Google’s SERPs. The Publisher tag may also be used as an unifying factor between multiple Rel=Author tagged profiles on a single domain, signification that the more high value authors are associated with a website, the better that website may do on a whole in search.

For now, remember that your website should be correctly using both Republisher and Rel=Author tags if applicable. Cogitate of the Republisher tag as a yellow pages listing for a business, and Rel=Author tag as business cards for individuals. Both serve different purposes but are both important for the business to succeed.

Important Benefit:

  • It allows Google to recognize your page, thus displaying page information within search results.
  • Adding the republisher tag and sharing on your Google+ Local page increases your visibility in Google’s search results.
  • Implementing the publisher tag is a simple way to help boost your SEO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Here is the free Google Markup Tool to check your site has a verified publisher markup code correctly implemented.