Are you a mother and planning to quit the job to raise your child? There are interesting facts about every stay at home mom.

Mothers play a very significant role in everyone’s life. Every stage of childhood demands constant care, affection and undivided attention of a mother. That’s why many working women choose to become a stay-at-home mom.

Are stay-at-home moms happy? Do you think at-home parenting is easy? In this article, we will discuss the advantages and challenges of full-time homemakers.

Pros And Cons Of a Stay At Home Mom

  • You Are Always With Your Kid

At-home mothers are always with their kids. These mothers can see their children grow and enjoy every memorable moment.

Pros: You can experience your kid’s first words, his first steps, and all his priceless gestures.

Cons: You are always guarding your child. Many times you can’t go to the washroom. You need to manage your schedule according to the child’s routine.

Solution: Once the child crosses the infant stage, you should start creating boundaries. It’s okay to set a few limits even with your child. You can monitor him playing his toys and sip your coffee with your favorite music.

  • You Are The Queen Of Your House

The primary job of every at-home parent is to take care of their family.

Pros: You are the boss of your house and you can manage everything as per your wish. You have the final say in every little thing about your house.

Cons: You always need to be on your toes to fulfill everyone’s needs. You are always running to manage household chores and still, you may feel guilty that you are not handling it the best.

Solution: Start sharing responsibilities. Use smart tools to manage your burden eg. Instead of monitoring your kid’s online activities, you can use a parental control app that saves your time and energy.

  • You Are A Stay-At-Home Mommy

Becoming a stay at home mother may bring mixed feelings.

Pro: There is no one to tell you what you should do and in which orders you should finish the household chores. You are mentally relaxed and have no worries to finish targets or work tasks.

Cons: You may miss working at the office, dressing up and having fun with your colleagues. You may also miss your financial freedom and shopping that you used to afford!

Solution: Many at-home mothers start work from home or business to reclaim their financial freedom. You may try your luck at a part-time job as well!

  • You Are Available All the Time

At home-mothers are always there for their kids.
Pros: At any moment when your child needs you, you are there for him. You are not stuck in any office cubicle. You can support your child at every stage.

Cons: You may feel trapped as you are always helping your child for every little need. Becoming an at-home mother may be your choice but at times you miss your own space and need a break from the tedious job of motherhood.

Solution: Allow yourself to enjoy some Me-Time. Take adequate rest, sleep and diet.

  • You Are Following A Fixed Routine

Every homemaker has a fixed consistent routine that she is bound to follow.

Pro: You are well aware of your priorities and can manage everything in order as it’s your everyday job. Cooking, cleaning, feeding kids and other chores are well-managed and completed on time.

Cons: You are tired of following the same work patterns. At times it is monotonous to live in a fixed routine. It makes life robotic with very little room for free time.

Solution: Share a few chores with your partner and try to reschedule your activities frequently. Make a fun routine on your weekends with a variety of mind refreshing games and activities with your kids.

  • You Develop A Different View Of Life

At-home parenting affects mothers’ mental state and social life profoundly.

Pros: You are now friends with a lot of stay-at-home mommies You can enjoy discussing the same experiences and your social life can be more fun and engaging.

Cons: Your social interaction may completely change from your previous stage of life, where you used to enjoy corporate parties, business meetings, etc. Your social circle may shrink to mommy groups only!

Solution: Continue maintaining your office relations and build networking with other like-minded mommies. Enjoy your previous hobbies and activities.

Concluding Notes

There are many benefits of stay-at-home moms but we can’t ignore the fact that it is challenging too! The decision of staying at home and raising kids demands a lot of courage and readiness to give away all the ambitions women used to have before a child.

Not to mention, that many women feel anxiety and depression due to the guilt of leaving a flourishing career to raise their kids. Even if they try to manage motherhood with the job they feel sorry that they can’t give their child enough time.

If you are a stay-at-home-mom by choice you are a happy mother. Motherhood is your calling and you enjoy it completely. Happy mothers raise happy children.

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