The Future of Social Media Is Mobile | Why? Are You Ready? Do you want to learn more about Mobile Social networks? Mobile Social Networking occurs mostly from your mobile devices.

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile | Why? Are You Ready?

Social media has now become an essential part of our day to day life; whether to check nearby events or even to catch up with your long lost friends. Social media has become more than just a website, it has become a community where people share their opinions and views which in turn strengthens the beliefs of the community. You can express yourself; express your view about the happenings of the world, social media has recently seen a great hype in the number of its users. A recent study shows that the number of people using social media increased by 68%, among those who are the people of the age group from 19-30, which means that either they are adults or in a stage of adolescents. These stats show that there is an air of fantasy regarding social media among the youth.

However, the rise of social media has its due credits to other factors too, and one of them is the invention of Smartphones. Yes! Smartphones are very much responsible for the rise of social media. Another research shows that the increase in the use of social media was parallel to the invention of Smartphones; as Smartphones started becoming more accessible to the people, the use of social media gradually started increasing. But what about other factors that led to an increase in the use of social media? Well, some of them might be partially responsible for the rise of social media, but they don’t carry any substantial impact or proof of whatsoever. It is solely the Smartphones that have single handily manage to boost the use of social media. But why? Why are smartphones so influential? What is the reason that made social media what it is today? Well, let us take a look at some of the points.

Being Portable

One of the biggest reasons that made Smartphones a hit is because of its portability and easy to carry feature. Smartphones have now become so sleek that it can be taken with you at any place. Gone are the days when one use to go to the telephone center just to make a single call. Now the entire world is inside a smartphone. Hence, one can get in touch with others through social media from any part of the world, it doesn’t matter whether you are stuck on an island or are at the peak of Everest.

Supports superfast connections

Well, if asked that what is the one basic thing that is required in order to use social media than what would you answer? Of course, an internet connection! Without internet connections, one cannot access their favorite social media sites. This problem is very well taken care of by Smartphone companies. Smartphones support all types of cellular as well as wireless connections. Hence, one can never be out of internet connection whether they are on a lonely island or at the peak of Everest; there will always be an endless supply of internet.

Runs on advanced operating software

Another factor that makes smartphone smart is that their operating software. Whether it is iOS software, android or windows, all of them support a variety of applications and features that make Smartphones very productive and social media-friendly. Imagine if a phone supports fast internet connection but doesn’t support social media apps then what is the use of the fast connection where all you can do is browse the internet. Softwares allow the phone to support a number of social media apps which ultimately increases the use of social media.

Other features that lead to use of social media

Apart from them, there are various other features that lead to the use of social media. For instance, with the help of the quality camera of Smartphones people tend to share the pictures and films clicked by them giving them joy and showing to the world their skills. Talking about the features of their phone is a common habit seen in social media, which means people just merely in order to showcase their smartphone features use social media.

Hence, all the above reasons that we studied tells us exactly why Smartphones have led to the increase in social media and why they are considered the future of social media because every advancement in the smartphone technology will lead to an increase in the smartphone.

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