Mistake # 1 Directory Submission in Bulk

Mistake # 2:  Not Investing enough Time in SEO

Many people especially small businesses consider SEO as either a small or a magical task that does not need much time. Truth be told, SEO does not work like that. Website optimization is a long complicated process that requires the help of a professional. The SEO world is continuously evolving due to Google’s algorithm changes.

This makes small businesses looking to optimize their online presence within a specific budget prone to mistakes. However, just because you have a small budget, it does not mean that you can not hire a good SEO agency. Here are 5 common SEO mistakes small businesses make which you will need to avoid when looking to hire a professional for an optimized online presence:

5 Common SEO Mistakes

Mistake # 1 Directory Submission in Bulk

Link building may sound like a simple process, but it requires time and effort. It mostly revolves around building valuable content and marketing it to different websites, social networks, and blogs for link acquisition. This makes back linking a slow and tough process. However, it is quite essential to take a new or an existing website off the ground for improved search engine rankings.

Mistake # 2:  Not Investing enough Time in SEO

Many small businesses mistakenly leverage SEO as a short-term business generating medium. SEO is not like conventional advertising such as TV, PPC, Print Ads or the other marketing channels. SEO is about optimizing a website by implementing different methodologies. SEO professionals manage SEO campaign to improve search traffic, website rankings, and conversion rates. However, there are more than 200 factors that impact an SEO campaign from Google’s point of view and not everything is under human control. However, it still offers a cost-effective return on investment compared to other advertising mediums when considered as a long-term strategy. In short, SEO is simply not for those looking to make big ROIs in a short time period.

Mistake # 3: Short and Thin Content That Offers Little Value

Google’s Panda update continuously monitors the web for thin content. This means that creating low-quality content, spinning articles and changing a few words here and there to save some bucks is a big No. Search engines especially Google lays a lot of emphasis on content quality and it automatically devalues a site that publishes low-quality content.

Mistake # 4: Not Hiring the Proper SEO Expertise

Some businessmen assign SEO work to their website developers. Though web developers do have some basic idea about SEO, they do not have the professional expertise required to run, evaluate and manage a full-fledged SEO campaign. There are too many factors to monitor and it only takes an SEO professional to manage an SEO campaign.  Even if a web developer is offering SEO, remember that he may not be offering a detailed SEO plan required to optimize a website for better search rankings and traffic in the long run.

Mistake # 5: Failing to Localize

Most small businesses ignore geo-targeting and submission to local online directories such as Google My Business (formerly Google Places) etc which can boost their online sales. In fact, according to statistics, 20% of searches performed online are relevant to a particular location. This means that businesses must make use of SEO techniques such as geo-tagging and localized keywords and phrases.

Secondly, businesses need to claim their online directory listings. With more users turning to online directories in search of local services and products, businesses must take advantage of every opportunity to localize digital efforts.


These are some common mistakes which small businesses make when launching an SEO campaign for their new or an existing website. However, by educating yourself through the different online material available in the form of blogs and videos, you can easily grab enough knowledge to hire a proper resource for your small business. Search around the internet, and you will surely find some good expertise within your budget to kick off your SEO campaign!

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