10 SEO Hacks You Must Use in 2019, here we have come up with this SEO Hacks which will help to improve your website’s ranking & organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization has become a dynamic field of expertise in today’s changing world. The techniques used by emerging and existing companies have been changing so quickly that you might not even realize it has happened. The tips and tricks used in the previous year can suddenly become not-applicable next year and it might take some time for you to keep up with the trend, and that in turn may negatively affect the ranking of your website. Sometimes you may end up following hacks and tricks that land your website as a penalty in the books of Google. However, in this article, we have for you :

10 SEO hacks that you must use in 2019

Make your content and posts easier to comprehend
Do this by formatting all your posts and articles that go on your website and optimize them all for readable content. If more people read your content, it means that you have a lower bounce rate and you will also have higher organic traffic rankings. You can format your posts by having shorter paragraphs, varied sentence lengths, have more subheadings, organize your content in bullet points, etc.
Use the inverted pyramid style
This is a method of writing, which provides the most important and valuable information on the top of your page and then it follows with information that is not as significant. Readers usually have a low attention span when it comes to reading long contents so if they readjust the top and then scan the rest of the page, you would have already given out all the information that they need. You can improve your user’s experience throughout
Use voice searches to your advantage
It is estimated at almost half the searches on the internet will be conducted by a voice next year. People today are not typing their queries as much as they were before and they are using voice assistants to perform even simple search tasks for them. If you think you should accommodate this into your SEO strategies, you are wrong. Voice and text have completely different search patterns and results. Your job is to segregate between them
Use different tools to optimize your website through voice search

There are many tools available on the internet such as crazy egg, google optimize and user testing which allows you to incorporate the features of voice assistants into your website so your users are attracted to the convenience provided through the voice assistant. This way, you will be able to optimize your content through voice search

Understand ‘user intent’
The algorithm of Google is evolving so now it is the goal of the companies to understand the intention and the thoughts of the user regarding their searches and what their expectations are so you as a website could help them answer all their queries. You cannot expect to be on the first page of Google by just having a few targeted keywords in your content. You need to look at the big picture and the context surrounding your article. You must consider the various ways that a single user can search for a keyword. This is also called ‘user intent’.
Know your audience
Whenever you create content, the first thing you remember is your audience and who is going to look at your content. Your content will depend entirely on your audience and you can create better content by just looking at their responses and you can get a better search engine optimization based on their interests, age, and location.
Go into detail only when it’s relevant
Lengthy blogs are not always necessary- Writing content is a very time consuming and intensive process. Sometimes, it is not necessary. The answer that the user is looking for may just be a few simple bullet points and if your content is way too long, your user may lose interest and not prefer your website again. Focus on your topic clusters rather than just your keywords.
Use YouTube as a search engine
YouTube is one of the most popular search engines with approximately 3 billion video searches per month and many companies forget about this option when they think about search engines. However, this is one large platform you can make use of this year for optimizing your videos and there is no reason that you won’t get a huge audience on such a platform. Once you implement it, you will see the difference. Use YouTube SEO to your advantage.
Ensure that all your videos are SEO friendly
Just like Google, YouTube also has a complex algorithm and everything from the description, file name and title impact the ranking of your content on the YouTube search results.
Use high-quality backlinks
Backlinks are one of the most important elements in the world of search engine optimization. However, if you fall into the trap of thinking that all links are great links, then you will not be able to increase your ranking. There are many backlinks that are of low quality and are prone to spam-like comments from blogs and paid links. That, in turn, can harm your website.

If you want to build links, you should do that through outreaching, influential marketing and high-quality content. This way your website stays safe and effective. To have a solid website, make sure that you do not visit non-HTTPS websites. If you want your browser and your site to stay safe, you need to switch to encrypted and secure connections. If you don’t, you might be losing many audiences for your site.


The world of Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing from one year to the next and there are many new algorithms and it is important that marketers and business owners adapt to those changing situations quickly so that you as an entrepreneur can give your website the edge over others by hiring SEO experts who provide an affordable SEO packages.

Follow the SEO hacks mentioned above to gain a whole new level of traffic on your website this year.

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