Jon Morrow is a famous writer, according to him “Writing is not about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”Article Writing is all about to spread your experience and inspire your readers. It can also be a commercial platform that might be beneficial for you financially. SEO friendly articles are not rocket science; it’s all about originality and the effort you put in it to be effective. If you want to be an article writer, that’s a superb idea but how will you get started? That’s important. So here we are going to discuss eight essentials for writing SEO Friendly Articles.

SEO Friendly Articles

Identify Your Desire
Ask yourself what do you want from your readers to do after reading your article? Either you want them to subscribe to your email list or to share your content through social media? If you don’t clear this to your readers, they will likely do nothing. So by clarifying your mindset and setting a goal will surely be the key to success. It will increase your conversion rate for sure.
Eliminate Distracting Factors.
To evaluate which elements of your articles is beneficial for you and your readers. Always keep an eye on all those elements which may distract your reader from your writing. You may eliminate redundant links, ads, social media links or even such a search box that is not playing its part. All you need is to remove all those elements that do not have any benefit relevantly.
Make Your Writings Trustworthy.
Readers should feel the comfort that the content they are reading is authorized. This positive experience will increase the repute of your article. You may display badges like social proof i.e. social media sharing. More sharing will show the popularity and authentication of your content. Despite this, you must have to be sincere and honest with your writings. By having more trust upon you, your readers will take your writings more seriously.
Have a Grip on SEO Tactics?
Always try to integrate the SEO friendly content, as the search engines are the platforms that enhance traffic. For this purpose, you may search keywords that are in the trend. Luckily, Google offers a free of cost service named as “Google Ad word” that helps you to consider the keywords searched by the peoples mostly at the current time. Try to add such keywords in your content or writings that are most valued. This technique will boost up your traffic and increase the strength of your readers.
Social Sharing

Always use social platforms to share your articles. You may offer and motivate your readers to share your writings through social media like Facebook or Twitter. Such kind of social media advertising will find new connections and attract new readers. You may add badges under such writings whom you think that will worthy to share.

Connectivity with Your Readers
You have to stay connected with your readers. This act will tend your readers to feel more satisfying and worthy. This connection may also be the way to get feedback. The suggestion from your readers will help you to make your articles more and better.
Always Know the Trends
Join writing communities to stay in touch with what’s going on? Such kinds of communities will undoubtedly provide access to the masters of the game. You may learn from them and come to know that what and how are they doing? You may also invite any of the well-reputed writers from such communities to your personal blog. This sort of appearance will strengthen your repute.
Never Give Up

You should never lose your hope. Nobody can be a successful writer on the 1st day. Earning respect, attention, and trust will take time, and it demands consistency. Patience is the key to success in writing.

So, now you have some good tips for the betterment of your SEO Friendly articles. Earning traffic is impossible, but if you invest your efforts smartly, you can achieve every desired goal.


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