What is SEO Analysis ?

Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing a website to gain a quality traffic and increasing the visibility of the website on search engine and and increasing SERP Rank. An SEO analysis is the first thing you should do before making some changes in your website. Because you don’t waste time fixing something, which is already fixed. For doing this SEO activity you also use SEO Analysis tool.

So an SEO analysis tool can include the website performance, page speed, page size. Mobile Compatibility. User Experience . It also includes broken links, duplicate links, duplicate contents etc. With a SEO analysis, you can identify problems with your headings, titles, meta descriptions. meta titles and keywords. You should also have a clear images, alt texts, tags and more.

There Some Best SEO Analysis Tools as follows:

1. SpyFu : Free SEO Tool

This Website SEO Analysis Tool has an amazing premium version, many of our experts said about its free features. If you are just starting doing SEO, you can easily grow into the paid features as you start successful. You can easily view the how many number of times a keyword gets searched each month where you can easily determining the ranking difficulty for that keyword. You can also do research on your competitors to determine which keywords they use for successful results. You can search your competitor website or your own website to easily see how many organic keywords they have, how many monthly clicks they get, who is their paid and organic competitors are, the campaigns they are running with Google Ads and more. It is one of the most detailed SEO analysis tool in the market.

Adele Stewart, is a Senior Project Manager at Sparq Designs, can not get enough of SEOsoftware like SpyFu. She shares her view on the tools they used past time , “I have used another Tools in the past, but SpyFu has the one of the best tool. All of the SpyFu Tool features are great, but my absolutely favorite is the SEO Research feature. You are able to plug in a competitor’s domain and pull up information on their own SEO strategy.

You can see what keywords they pay for. their organic standings, revieving their core keywords, and even access their keyword groups. Using SpyFu has been integral result to my client SEO result. There are so much more to track and report on, plus I don’t have to put in as much effort in research as I did with other SEO software. SpyFu gives the information I need and organizes report in a way that is presentable and understandable to clients. I have already seen increases in indexing and rank for keywords that we didn’t even think of.”

2. Screaming Frog :

This is taken into account one among the simplest SEO tools online by experts. They love what a time they save by having this tool analyze your website fastly to perform site audits. This tool also gives detailed information of plagiarized content, errors you want to correct , bad redirection links, and improvement area for new link building. Their SEO Spider tool was considered as the only featured tool by top SEO experts in the industry.

Screaming Frog also provide two Free vs Paid Versions, This Varies the analyzed result of the website. The Free vs Paid Results are explained below,


Sr.No Features Free Version Paid Version

Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects



Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data



Review Meta Robots & Directives



Audit hreflang Attributes



Discover Exact Duplicate Pages



Generate XML Sitemaps



Site Visualisations



Crawl Limit


500 URL’s Ulimited




Crawl Configuration



Save Crawls & Re-Upload



JavaScript Rendering



Crawl Comparison



Near Duplicate Content



Custom robots.txt



AMP Crawling & Validation



Structured Data & Validation



Spelling & Grammar Checks



Custom Source Code Search



Custom Extraction



Google Analytics Integration



Search Console Integration



PageSpeed Insights Integration



Link Metrics Integration



Forms Based Authentication



Store & View Raw & Rendered HTML



Free Technical Support




3. Google Search Console : Google’s Official Tool

Until the date 20 May 2015, this service is called as Google Webmaster Tools But, In January 2018, Google introduced a new version of the search console, with changes to the user interface. In September of 2019, old Google Search Console reports, including the home and dashboard pages, were removed from this Search Console. Google Search Console Offered free to everyone with a website, Google Search Console can allow you monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP(Search Engine Ranking Pages).

You need to do is verify your website by adding a piece of code to your website or going through Google Analytics and you can submit your sitemap for indexing. Although you do not need a Google Search Console account to appear in Google’s search results, you can control what website gets indexed and how your website is represented with this related account. As an SEO checker tool, Google Search Console can help you to understand how Google and its users view your website and allow you to optimize for better performance in Google search results. It is especially useful for new websites as it lets website owners submit web pages for search indexing in google.

4. Woorank

As considering a top SEO analysis tool, Woorank SEO tool offers free and paid options to track and report your marketing data. You can enter in your competitors to discover which keywords they are targeting so you can overlap with theirs keywords. Try to understanding how keywords are perform over time to optimize for users and search engines in the best way possible. And most importantly, understand the all things your website is where lacking from both a technical and content perspective. Woorank can help you to identify duplicate content in your website, downtime and security issues and provide best guidelines on how to fix them.

Steps you have to follow in Woorank to Analyze the Website as follows :

Step 1 :  Go to SEO Analysis Tool link www.woorank.com

Step 2 :  Enter the URL of the website you wish to analyze the Website.

Step 3 :  Wait a few seconds and…

Your results website analysis appear on-screen in a neat, easily formatted and well-structured way.

If that was not enough, the WooRank auditing tool boasts a full list of features including following features:

A overview complete with WooRank Website Analysis score : The WooRank Analysis score is between 0 to 100. Sites scores 40 or lower will required improvement. Sites achieved 70 or more score should be well on the way to SEO factor.

Download audit report as PDF : Easily download the results of your website analysis review as a PDF or as slides. These can be personalized to include your own brand header and footer.

Unlimited FREE SEO audits : You are conducting audits on behalf of clients or you simply want to take a sneak peek at your competitors websites, there is no limit you do unlimited website reviews.

Access to WooRank Experts : If you need help with the tool or you are serious about to grow your business, there are many experts at hand who have all been carefully approved and certified as WooRank Experts. So if you’re finding hard to find a trusted expert, then rest assured that WooRank has done all the work for your success.

Marketing Checklist : Unlike other SEO analysis tools, WooRank provides a full and prioritized Marketing Checklist that you can tick off as you complete tasks. Although this is only available to Project users, which is a paid feature, it is well worth splashing out as this can really assist in vastly improving your online presence and brand visibility.

More than 70 elements tested : The WooRank tool examines 70+ different on-page SEO technical and off-page SEO elements to determine what Google thinks of your website. Each element accessed is color-coded to helping to better identify areas of improvement.

Results that appear in gray color indicate elements of importance but do not necessarily contribute to your overall SEO. Green color results are that have passed successfully, while red results are elements that have been flagged as errors.

5. Rank Ranger : All-in-One SEO Tool

Rank Ranger is a excellent Free SEO Analysis Tool, This Single tool provides many features. This SEO Analysis tool is avialable in free version vs paid version. But there is no need to purchase this tool because free version of this tool is provide many feature that helps you in to find out errors in your website.

Feature of this tool is as folllows :-

  • Desktop SERP Feature Tracker : The SERP Feature Tracker provides you with trends and insights on Google’s desktop SERP features. Utilizing the tool can result in a strong understanding of the trends and data trajectories of important SERP features such as Featured Snippets, Direct Answers, Local Packs, etc.
  • Mobile SERP Feature Tracker : The Mobile SERP Feature Tracker in Rank Ranger tool brings you the trends and insights on Google’s mobile SERP (Search Engine Result Page) features. Like its part of desktop result , the Mobile SERP Feature Tracker outlines a given feature’s 30-day trends and trajectory. While the mobile version of the this Rank Ranger tool provides data on features that are present across in all the devices it also provides insights into mobile-specific elements such as AMP.
  • Rank Tracker Suite : Our element of rank tracking report and tools allows you to track, tag, and evaluate your site SERP performance. Then do the same for your competitors to know where your site lands.
    1. This tool Track rank for both mobile and desktop.
    2. From Google to Bing, use Rank Tracker to monitor your progress on any search engine.
    4. Evaluate your international performance: Track rank for any market the over the world.
    5. Run efficient local SEO campaigns by using Rank Tracker to monitor the SERP by city or pin code.
    6. Analyze competitor performance on any devices like mobile, desktop etc. for any market, and at any location.
  • Local SEO : This tool help to Set specific location settings within a country or state to learn how you are ranking where your target audience is searching from location. Focus on the search results for a particular state, city or pin code. If a client doing business in multiple locations, you can track all the locations in one campaign and then you can analyze how each branch is performing separately or compare their performance side by side in one single campaign.
  • Link Manager : Keep all your link data under one file with our management tools.
    1. Import & Export Important Link Details.
    2. Attach Link-Related Files to link.
    3. Analyzing Expenses and User Activity.
    4. Track Backlink Status, SEO Statistics & Metrics.
    5. Archive Backlinks.
  • Social Signals Tracking : This Part of tool Track keywords, landing pages and their concern social signals, giving you a more complete look at keyword and a specific URL’s importance in the social media world. The Dashboard Report of this tool gives you a first look and overview of your campaign and rank data. Format or edit the report to include social signals for each specific landing page that ranks in search, compare all your data in one report.
    Rank Ranger collects social signal data from:
    Stumble Upon
  • On Page Optimization : This seo analysis tool can be Analyze any URL and Keyword combination against factors which affect website rankings.
    Optimize pages in your domain by understanding where your keywords show up both in contents and source code.
    Analyze pages of your website not yet in results to discover its effective score.
    Examine a competitor’s page to find out keywords they may be targeting to rank.
    Monitor a page that contains your paid banner ad to see if your keywords and the specific page concerns.

6. MERKLE : Technical SEO Tool 

This tools is a pack of all SEO Analysis Tools which can be work on different parameters of SEO. This Tool contains pack of 7 main tools which can be further divided in sub tools. This Main 7 tools can be explained as follows for better understanding.

This tool contains :

1. Crawling Tool

This Crawling tool contains following sub tools.

  • robots.txt Tester : This tool test and validates robots.txt files on your website.
  • .htaccess Tester : This tool test your .htaccess rewrite rules fot HTTPS Redirects.
  • Sitemap Generator : This tool helps in generating XML Sitemaps of your website.
  • RSS Feed Parser : This tool can be extract URL’s and published dated from RSS Feeds.

2. Rendering Tool

This is Rendering tool which further classify into following rendering types.

  • Fetch & Render : This SEO tool to fetch and render a webpage as any bot or crawler. Get the source code, a screenshot and check if resources are blocked from crawling.
  • Pre-Rendering Tester : This tool is used to check what is served to different user agents.

3. Mobile SEO

This Tool Work on parameter of Mobile SEO which shows report of your website which releated to Mobile Search

  • Mobile-First Index Tool : This tool can check your website is Mobile Indexed ready or not.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test : This tool can test your website is  Mobile Friendly or not.
  • Bulk AMP Validator : This tool can check one more URL are valid AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

4. International SEO

This tool contains following testing tools.

  • hreflang tags Tester : This tools can check hreflang tags for page or in XML Sitemap are correct.
  • Locale-Adaptive Test : Sometimes Google not crawl the locale-adaptive pages content. so that time This tool check if the content being served on a page is different based on language or country.

5. Local SEO

This tool helps in doing local SEO for your website.

  • Local Search Tool :  This tool can check the Google or Bing or Baidu’s search result from any location or any pin code location, state.
  • Review Link Generator :  This tool can generate bulk review links for business addresses or name.

6. SERP & Ranking

This tool can help in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Ranking.

  • SERP Simulator : This tool show Google snapshot which preview the how title tags and meta descriptions are displayed in google search result.
  • Knowledge Graph : This tool find relevance scores and export it into spreadsheet.

7. Schema Generator

This Schema generator tool can be supports the creation of JSON-LD markups.



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