These days website securities become the priority for all website owners. So, many website owners prefer to choose the website with HTTP and even many old website owners shifting from HTTP to HTTPS. Actually, HTTPS has more benefits compared to HTTP. Most importantly search engine giant Google clear’s on its official blog that from 2017 HTTPS is compulsory for all chrome browsers user, else it will show NOT SECURE on the address bar. so here are some SEO advantages for HTTPS sites

These days people start using HTTPS encryption even if they do not collect personal data of users.

So in this article, we see what SEO Advantages For HTTPS Sites & how it will help business owner

SEO Advantages For HTTPS Sites

SEO Ranking:

The most important advantage of HTTPS as Google recently announced that HTTPS is can benefit from increasing the ranking. This parameter gets a “very lightweight signal” in the complete ranking algorithm. This step Google took because Google cares about security.

Low Page Load Time:
Many service providers have configured their server for HTTPS to provide an extra boost in website performance.
More Referral Data:
Using the HTTPS server log will reveal more details about where users come from. These days it’s becoming increasingly important to have a Website with HTTPS, so you’re able to access that important measurement data.
Higher Conversions:

When it comes to doing money transaction security is the first concern for all web users (including me). There is a vast amount of web users who prefer security & privacy provided by HTTPS while handling transactions.

Increase Consumer Confidence:

As I mentioned in the above point regarding web user preference of security & privacy while doing the transaction, adding to it that HTTPS increases the confidence level. This confidence delivery from the HTTPS website helps web merchants to sell more services/products.

I hope the above points gave you a glance at how SEO Advantages For HTTPS Sites? If you like or found worth do share with your community. All suggestions & more add on to it will be most appreciated.