Gold Jewellry – one fashion statement that is going to benefit you even after you have stopped using them or even when the design gets outdated. Many inherit the earrings, necklaces, watches and other sell gold jewellery pieces.

Now jewellery, especially the gold ones have very intricate emotions attached to it. People who are very close to each other gift it to one another.

The price tags are often said to be quite high and the style statement quite fleeting. Most people are not aware of the value of their items and the chances of getting ripped off are high.

For those people who want to sell their gold jewellery pieces, you may always find yourself in a crippling position.

To help you out here are some tips.

  • Stop Acting On Impulse – You should evaluate every piece of jewellery that you are thinking of selling. Most of the pieces come with emotional value. Ensure that the emotional quotient does not outweigh the price that is being received. The ideal jewellery that should be sold are the earrings missing its counterpart or broken ring or earring or the outdated ones that don’t come with any emotional value.
  • Get to Know the Content of Gold in the Jewellery – For figuring out the amount of pure gold there is, you should opt for the gold chains and rings. You should look at the hallmarked karat for every piece. Once you divide by 24 the karats, you can know the pure gold percentage present in the jewellery.
  • Know the Appraisal Value of the Piece – Before selling it off, you should get the intricate or antique jewellery appraised. The antique jewellery should be worth more when sold as a finished piece than with the gold metal.
  • Try to Sell to Jewellery Stores – Select a reliable jewellery store with the positive ratings and approved by the governing bodies. Selling to the jewellery store is always a safe and quick option you may not gain from the sale from a jewellery store as you may get from elsewhere.
  • Know the Weight of the Gold Jewellery – You should put all the chains and rings on a level and know how much each piece weighs up. You must take into account just the alloy of gold which makes up your jewellery. The stones that are set in should be barred from being counted.
  • Stay Away from the Pawn Shops – The pawn shops have the reputation of paying the minimum amount for something that is re-sellable. Not only are they less likely to recognize the pieces that are of high quality, but they are also likely to be manipulative.
  • Be Careful and Protect Yourself– Before shipping the jewellery to or leaving the jewellery piece with potential buyers you must document and photograph the pieces. In the event of loss, learn how the company plans to reimburse. If the value is high, you must never ignore getting an appraisal first.
  • Stay Away from the Gold Buyers – In recent years, many gold purchasing companies have popped up and most of them are either scams or take advantage. There are many options for unsavory practices. For your own safety try to avoid these buyers.
  • Opt for a Reputed Jeweller – Before selling, verify whether the business has a license to purchase gold jewellery in the state. You should also go through the online reviews and confirm whether it is licensed with the Bureau of Indian Standards. Also, check whether the company has complaints from customers regarding the purchasing or selling of golds.
  • Have Realistic Expectations – For a majority of people selling the jewellery is not going to make one rich. It may, however, put a few extra bucks in the pocket. Also, keep it in mind you will be just paid for the amount of gold present in the jewellery. Subtract the fees that the business has to charge for the refinement from that and what you arrive at is the net amount that you get.

Now that you know where and how to sell your gold jewellery to get the best price, it is advisable that you also consider some of these tactics like reviewing the seller, setting realistic expectations and so on in case of purchasing anything from gold to handcrafted jewellery online or from store. All these will ensure you get the true value for your money.