Actually local SEO helps those businesses who want to improve their visibility/presence in local search results.

It completely depends on your business & the way your website is structured, but might be only some of the bellows way is sufficient for most local businesses to get rank highly in the local search results.

Let’s start with our ways to do local SEO

  1. You must have a business address in the city that you’re targeting

It’s not possible to get rank in the local search results for your targeted location if you don’t have a business address. So it’s good to have a local business address.

  1. You must create Google+ Local page & verify it

If you have to create Google+ local page, you just need to verify it’s addressed by entering the PIN code which you get by post to you, You just need to verify your website by linking it to your Google+ Local page, and last you need to verify email address by clicking the link in the email that’s Google sent to you.

  1. Must complete your Google+ Local page 

To get batter help of local SEO you need to manage the most relevant fully describe the description of your business including your targeted keywords and services, also provide your complete contact details and opening hours. It is best that if you upload at least 3+ photos &at least 1 video (If available).

  1. Select your website page which you want to list on your Google+ local page

You must choose the most relevant page of your website which helps you to get the best impact of local SEO in terms of on-site optimization to list on your Google+ Local page.

  1. Select best relevant business categories on your Google+ Local page

Category selection is much more important as it is a must-have to accurately describe your business and need to ensure that the selected category reflects your business is all about, rather than the products you sell or services you provide

  1. For your business use a local phone number

Mention phone number with an area code associated with the targeted city for your business, on both your Google+ Local page & on the relevant page you selected from the website listed on your Google+ Local page.

  1. Maintain consistency with your business detail like name, address & phone number

Confirm that the business detail you’re using for Google+ Local page is similar to the business address you specify on the website which is listed on Google+ Local page

  1. Make it convenient for your customer to contact and/or find you

Arrange your business detail like email, phone number & address at such a place where your customers can easily see them. Also, manage contact form to your website sidebar or footer.

  1. Manage a map of your business location on your website

Get the exact Google map code (With exact latitude & longitude point) for your business and manage that on your website, prefer to manage on the same page which is listed on your Google+ Local page & if not then manage it on the contact us page.

  1. Include your business location and targeted keyword on your website landing page

Include the business location & targeted keyword that you want to get rank for in the page title, header tag and in page content on the specific page of your site listed on your Google+ Local page.

  1. Manage a separate page for each service & product your offer on the website

Create one detail page which gives a complete idea of your products/services & link that page to other pages that each cover in detail of services & product.

  1. Write unique quality content for each page of your website

It’s not good practice to just change the address, phone number on pages of your website. Must manage the relevant content to every page of your website to get rank for several keywords.

  1. Confirm your website looks good & it must be device friendly (Responsive)

As today’s word 60%+ visitors visit your website through their smartphone devices or tab. So you just need to manage your website as per the devices & screen resolution.

  1. Get your business listed on classified websites

Get your website listed with local classifieds / local directory websites to get a link. But keep it in mind the detail of business is the same as that of Google+ Local page.

  1. Try to get as much as ratings and reviews on your Google+ Local page & on other websites where your website is listed

It’s always good to have a good rating & review on Google+ Local page & another website. This helps to attract more customers & build trust in the local market.

  1. Keep doing an activity on your Google+ Local page

Only creating Google+ Local page will not enough to get the result in the manner of local SEO. But regular updates on-page will build the reputation & keep the customer connected with your business. So periodic updates on a page are important.

  1. Check for the duplicate Google+ Local pages & if there remove it

You must need to check for a business name it’s address & phone number if it’s listed on more than one Google+ Local page, if this happens then you need to delete duplicate listings if you have access credential of those, else you need to report them to Google.

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