Everyone knows that it’s possible to make money from your blog (Earn From Blogging), but the most important is to have realistic expectations from it. Blogging is not an overnight job to get become rich quickly. It takes hard work to get this job done and become a strong earning source. It’s a result that most of the sites will fail to make income and many will make some small amount, but little might do so well that they can quit their current jobs so here are some quick ways to earn from blogging.

Now the thing is if you do make it, blogging has an ability to allows you to build the best career in a topic you are passionate about & have a very flexible lifestyle. Then it also allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world and you don’t even need to work full time as your content archives help you to work around the clock.

Quick ways to earn from blogging  there are three necessary ingredients are needed

Need to build traffic & a genuine audience

Making money online is all about building brand authority & trust with a genuine audience. You need the traffic to your blog, which is especially targeted audience from a specific group of people. Without people visiting your site, without having a genuine & targeted audience, it will be very hard to earn any revenue from a blog. The targeted audience is nothing but what can be monetized & what sponsors want to reach. Have expertise in your key area of skill set (topic) and offer something that people in need of, which people find useful and valuable.

Needs a buying market

The topic you choose or focus on has to have a capable buying market and has to be monetizable. Most of the topics are May tougher than others so make sure your chosen topic must have an audience interested in spending.

Need strategic

Don’t just sell as that will affect your strength to build an audience. Publishing sales pitches is not exactly what people want to consume from it. You won’t believe how many bloggers expect the same to do well by publishing pure marketing messages. Only by giving information to people about the product benefits, product characteristics and asking them to buy a product will not do much to your bottom line. The best content is that content that relates to your audience which brings them value and integrates products naturally within them.


It’s important to create healthy content that is targeting a group of people that are looking to buy. People must become aware of a need they need to fulfill, go into an information search & look at the several alternatives before making a decision on what to buy. People always go to Google and do a search to start the product hunt. People are ready to make a decision & make a purchase.

Become an affiliate marketer

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There are thousands of companies that will pay you part of the commission for sales that you generate through your content. You also can join an affiliate program and then post some links there on your site. You can earn a commission when someone clicks through your links & decides to sign up or buy a product on the other end. So must create valuable content about the product, which helps people use the product/service better, show how the product can help to improve their lives, & get revenue when they click your link and buy the product. The product/service must be relevant to your topic and your audience.

Sell advertising

It’s also the best way you can sell a verity of banner ads & other sponsorship slots directly to advertisers. But this one is a bit different than the above as here you need to agree on a fixed monthly fee for example that you charge in order to display an ad banner on your blog. A much better & profitable option in general.

You need to find products relevant to your audience and simply contact the company & ask if they would be ready in sponsoring your website. This normally involves banner advertising & you get paid a fixed amount every month. Consider also selling advertising on your videos these can command even higher fees than traditional banner ads.

Pay-per-click ads

Google Adsense is the easiest way to get started making the process of selling and displaying ads for you. You need to place a piece of code and Google delivers text and image ads that are relevant to your audience & your content. Google PPC and depending on the popularity of the topic content you write about, a click-through that can earn you anything from a few cents to several dollars. You just need to join Adsense, choose how you want your ad to look like & install a piece of code on your site and you are set to start showing ads. AdSense allows you to customize the appearance of ads to match the look and feel of your site.

When you do start creating a brand name with a huge audience for yourself and you start making quick ways to earn from blogging decent regular income online you will have several options open thereafter:

  • You could quit your current Job and focus completely on your blog.
  • Your authority you built with your blog helps you to get yourself a more decent or higher paying job.
  • You could get a chance to publish a deal & write a paper book that may become a bestseller.
  • You could enhance your brand by attaining offline events & where the money could be even bigger.
  • Should we have a new, great idea? Use the audience/crowd you have built to raise the funding for your new project by crowdfunding.
  • Another option is to sell your blog if there is the best offer at the table and you feel that you have done what you could for this topic