One of the cardinal rules of Search Engine Optimization is that content is king. And for good reason too. quality content for seo, It’s easy to get lost in the hoopla of the Next Big Thing to get your website up to the ever-elusive page one ranking. Many marketers out there will promise you the moon and more in order to get your business.

It’s a sign of an industry’s evolution when so many players out in the field and a shrinking customer base collide and produce a surreal condition—one where people start reinventing the wheel, as it were.

Cutting out the hype and regaining common sense around SEO and what it really does on a practical level is one thing to look out for when determining who to have on your digital marketing team.

Let’s revisit why content is king, and why its reign will have a long, long future in front of it.

Respectable businesses optimize after good content is produced.

The savvy e-commerce business owner knows that the burden of optimization shouldn’t rest squarely on the shoulders of the Search Engine Optimization person. Putting the cart ahead of the horse is one tempting shortcut many out there take. While it may seem to work in the short term, the few customers who may have been lured by slick marketing and a smooth copy will eventually turn away for something more substantial.

Sell a person the sizzle without the steak and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Having a solid backbone of regular, fresh content is a sure way to boost your credibility with search engines. Take note that I mentioned the word fresh.

One thing I frequently see in clients is that they come to me for a consultation and we sit down to do a diagnostic on their website or e-commerce store. Shop Owner may have begun a blog, or have initially written some great content in the beginning. But later on, the momentum fizzled out.

What happened?

Well, success happened. quality content for seo, Customers started coming in and maybe came back afterward, pleased with the outcome of doing business with Shop Owner.

As the business grew, Shop Owner’s time became more occupied with looking after the store instead of sprucing up the window displays. Content began to fall behind on the e-commerce growth curve and a lot of energy that was present in the beginning slowly dwindles like a leaky virtual faucet dripping in the sink.

Having a fresh stream of content (even one blog post per week) helps you stay relevant in your online presence.

A steady stream of content has a dual purpose. It keeps your current customers coming back to see what’s new, and attracts others to check out your site for what it can offer.

Frequency without quality is meaningless

The best quality content for seo, to solidify your search engine optimization is what semantically, makes sense to your human reader. As algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, the ability to mimic the rules and syntax of human speech will be more deeply embedded into search engine optimization rules.

And that brings us back to the need for high-quality content.

One golden rule I like to tell clients is “Would your grandmother like this post?” Anytime you put out an article, tweet or video, ask yourself if your grandmother would like that content. Unless your work is in an industry where edginess and being cool is a requirement, ignoring the ‘Grandma Rule’ is not in your favor.

Keeping it easy to understand, likable, well-formatted and meaningful will increase engagement, especially on social platforms.


Content is King, and will always be, for good reason. At the end of the day, it’s the person holding the mouse that decides whether to give you a sale or not. With the number of e-commerce sites out there starting up on a daily basis, having fresh and relevant content will be sure to tip the odds in your favor.

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