Hello Folk, This article “How to help prevent climate change in your little way?” is the most serious article of my blog ever as this cover the huge overwhelming changes in earth climate and how we can prevent that with our little steps by taking it on priority as a Social Responsibility.


Climate is usually described as the “Average Weather” in a place. It incorporates patterns of temperature, humidity, precipitation (rain or snow), wind and seasons. Climate patterns play an elementary role in shaping natural ecosystems, also the human economies & cultures that depend on them. Our climate is rapidly changing with harmful impacts, and that change is progressing faster than any seen in the last 2,000 years [as per http://www.ecy.wa.gov].


According to the report, Preparing for a Changing Climate, rising levels of the carbon dioxide & other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere have extremely warmed the Earth and now it causing wide-ranging impacts, including melting snow and ice, rising sea levels, more extreme heat events, fires, and drought, also more extreme storms, rainfall, and floods.


This above explanation highlight what is Climate Change? And how it’s impacting our Mother Earth. But the important questions are Can we prevent Climate Change? How we can Prevent Climate Change?


I try to describe it in my own simplest way in below infographics where I cover the easy to do the task by any common person Without Investing Single Penny on it.


Let’s check out the Climate Change Prevention Easy Steps


Climate Change Prevention in Easy Step By Allinformer.com

I hope everyone will try to help to prevent our mother earth from climate change impact by keeping all odds beside.

Gentle Request: Don’t ignore this by considering NO ONE doing this then why ME?

Consider this ME [Mother Earth].

I believe there are many ways we can do this so I’m waiting for more suggestions on how to prevent the earth from climate change?  your every suggestion added into Social Cause.