PPC [Pay Per Click] is a direct marketing program. PPC helps you to reach your measurable, targeted & potential customer directly. To market your newly launch product or service when you don’t have already build an audience, then the best option is PPC and All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. become easier platforms for marketing because of PPC Program. In PPC program advertisers pay for every click on their ads means it’s a buying visit for your site rather than organic visits. Here I have covered a Perfect PPC strategic campaign For Measurable & Targeted Traffic.

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Perfect PPC Strategic Campaign

Perfect PPC strategic campaign will deliver the results for which you need to work on bid & keyword management, distribution of keyword pattern & ROI measurement.

To build PPC Strategic Campaign contain keyword research, keyword inclusion, Keyword Relevancy, Keyword Grouping, Keyword Binding, landing page optimization, Ad Relevancy, Click-Through-Rate, Quality Score, Remarketing & Retargeting, Tracking & Reporting, Ad Extensions, and Localization.

I know the above keyword cloud might make you scared about this Perfect PPC Strategic Campaign but frankly speaking, don’t worry about it as I’m going to cover some of the important among the above cloud to make it simple for you.


Let me tell you this in a practical way (The way I design this for my client)

Keyword Research / Generation

I gather the most appropriate search queries/keywords through in-depth market research. I target & analyze the relevant search queries & phrases and group it to target your exact potential customer of product or service. check out the image.

Keyword Research & Keyword Generation

PPC Landing Page Optimization

In the Perfect PPC strategic campaign landing page play, a vital role as this is the place user decide to punches or not. I manage the best appealing content with key points & messages delivering graphics to convince the visitor by advertisement commitment. In PPC Landing Page Optimization I concentrate on Call to Action / Buttons, must be Deliver Relevance, Mobile-Friendliness, Minimal Navigation, Important Information above the fold, Fast Loading Times, Short contact form, PPC Keywords in landing page copy & Few meaningful images to convey professionalism.

I manage the multiple adcopy as a choice to reach a decision on which one is the best possible option provides us a high call-to-action with the highest click-through rate. That will also ensure that the advert is getting targeted real traffic in a low budget.
Remarketing & Retargeting
Remarketing & Retargeting is the concept through which you can target your customers who were previously visited your website [No matter purchase any or not]. Using Google Adword I plan to manage ad which retargets that visitor everywhere he/she browse by showing relevant ads.
PPC Optimization
PPC Campaign management requires strong skill & effort, not only to launch PPC campaign but also to optimize the campaign on a regular time basis. I keep on using exact match and modified broad match bidding as per the requirement and results so that to make the campaign more effective. To improve the click-through-rate (CRT) I implement the Ad Extensions. These ad extensions are the most simple tool use to improve a presentation of the ad. Ad Extensions also make easier a better conversion rate optimization (CRO) by taking the visitor to exact landing pages to fulfill their needs.
Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting is also an important part of the PPC campaign and I use Google Analytics tool for it. This helps to get a broad view of performance & deep insight of our campaign, Google analytics tool provides ample valuable insights into the performance & achievement of landing pages for PPC campaigns also it has the ability to track Goals.

Does anyone think that this PPC strategy work or not? Is it a value-driven choice? what would you add to this campaign? What else you have been able to do with PPC to make it more successful? Let me know your thoughts!

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