PayPal is an online service that allows us to make online purchases of products or services. How? By Paying PayPal fees for sending money from bank accounts or credit cards. One of the main features of this online account is the ability to pay without having to leave the details of your checking account or credit card around the network. And this type of privacy interests you.

PayPal is one of the leading platforms to send and receive money in hundreds of currencies. Hence we are always curious to know Does PayPal charges a fee to spend money and how much money we are going to receive or send to fulfill a payment. We will discover all that in this article.

Does PayPal charge a fee to send money?

Sending money: to do this, you need to know the recipient’s email address. Once you have this data, you can select the Send Money item by entering the recipient’s email address. The amount for the transaction will be taken directly from the PayPal account, but if this is not sufficient, the account will withdraw the amount from the current report or the associated credit / prepaid card.

PayPal is usually set to charge 2.9% plus approximately $ 0.30 for each transaction. However, there are no fees within the United States for sending or receiving money if only PayPal balance or bank account is used. We can also withdraw funds from the PayPal account to the bank account at no cost.

Benefits of opening a PayPal account

regarding the protection of our information, this platform gives us excellent guarantees, since it has security and fraud prevention systems, as well as exhaustive policies for both the buyer and the seller. Think that:

  • Personal and financial data is encrypted in PayPal and is never disclosed to sellers.
  • Purchases are fully protected, thanks to the buyer protection program.
  • PayPal monitors each transaction in real-time to prevent fraud, such as phishing or phishing.

Also, if we decide to pay with PayPal, we can:

  • Open a free account (later, we will see how).
  • Associate a card to make instant payments without having to have a balance in our PayPal account.
  • Buy on a large number of websites and online stores, among which you will surely find your favorite brands.
  • Make transactions in different currencies without any limitation when it comes to sending or receiving money internationally.
  • Make free national transfers between users with a PayPal account, international ones without bank fees (the seller supporting the PayPal fee).
  • Request refunds if we do not receive the requested product, or it does not meet the description the seller gave us about it.
  • Use One Touch to make safe and fast purchases without having to remember your user or complex passwords.

Opening a free PayPal account has many benefits for consumers, but see what it also offers for businesses and companies:

  • Tools, seller protection program, and guide to integrating PayPal into your business so that you know how to send invoices, as well as include buttons and a shopping cart on your website.
  • Options to receive payments on your website including the button “Pay with PayPal” or to receive them directly by email, as it offers various payment formats also for those who do not have a website.
  • Personalized link with that you can share through mobile, email, chat, or social networks to receive instant online payments.
  • Automatic protection to the seller if you receive an unauthorized payment or that one of your customers files a claim so that the funds are temporarily held until your verification.
  • Guide process to any problem for chargeback or request for return of funds by the buyer.

Final verdict

With PayPal, international transfers generate costs for both parties: the sender and the beneficiary. So, when you make an international payment, PayPal applies its commissions to you. It is essential to know that all these fees can vary enormously and that the criteria are clearly defined in the PayPal terms of use.

It is for this reason that after opening a PayPal account, you must necessarily take the time to read all the information contained in this section. Only then you will get information like Does PayPal to charge a fee to send money or how much!