Lets See page title optimization guidelines .A page title is one of the parameters considered by a search engine.  SEO for Page Title is a part of ON-PAGE SEO. A page title is not visible on-page; it’s placed at the tab of browser. It gets manage by code on the page. Which looks something like <title>Best information provider – Allinformer</title>.  It’s in a HEAD section of the page, inside <head> tag. As you saw above for managing page title there is need of <title> tag. Otherwise, it will be untitled. Page title gets to appear in search engine result above the description & link as a sort of heading. Also, it appears on social media sites when it gets shared, +1 or like, etc. there. That’s why the page title is most important as per the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For the search engine the more click-through rate (CTR) for a particular page the higher ranking in search engine result listing. If the searcher clicks your link more than one time then it will become a strong link to stand higher than others in search result listing. As per search engine ranking, CTR is not important for optimizing page title. But the search engine considers the page title as a primary factor to consider which keyword needs to rank and where.

It’s proven in SEO that relevant content on a page as per topic is most important. That’s why the SEO for PAGE TITLE also important while the requirement of ranking targeted page keyword.

The perfect page title should impact both humans & search engines It should be descriptive, concise, include targeted keywords, attracts attention & entices people to click on it. In This age title optimization guidelines The page title should also be unique to both other page titles on your site and the page titles that your competitors are using.

So, the important question here how exactly can you achieve this & optimize your page titles for search engines?

Targeted Keyword

It’s the best practice as per On-Page Optimization that includes the targeted keyword in Page title. As per the search engine behaviors pattern it “BOLD” the keyword in page title, URL & description of the page that matches search quires words.

Mostly URL of the page also depends on page title (Mostly while using WordPress). If the search query word did not get appear on your page title, URL or description then you will not achieve the best standing on the search result. Because of this your CTR also gets hammer as well as traffic to your website. Repetition of the targeted keyword in Page Title is not good practice.

Managing targeted keyword at the start of Page title then it will be more beneficiary than managing at end of the title. Because the appearance of the targeted keyword at the start indicates search engine the importance of keyword. And more likely it helps to increase the CTR as the searcher often starts reading from starting but it does not mean that the search will read the whole article.

Page Title Length

As we know after some characters search result title characters get replaced by “…”. So there is a limit of 50-60 characters to show your title in the search result. That’s why it’s always a best practice to manage your Page Title length within the limit. As because it seems unprofessional if some characters are get replaced by “…”.


Page title always should be descriptive of the page content as the coherence of page title & content matter because if while considering SEO factor and ignoring the relevance in the content may cause to lose the repeating visitor. Because if a visitor clicks on a title in a search result and not found relevant content he/she may close the page and this hammer your average page viewing time. Also, it increases the bounce rate.

Branding Through Page Title

In marketing, a marketer must utilize all the best possible ways to market their services or products. Page Title is also one of the ways to market services or products. If it’s possible to manage some space for including the business name to title help to improve your brand awareness. This way you can put your brand in a visitor’s eyes.

Page Title Presentation

It’s not possible to manage font, size, style or color of page title but you can manage font case & how to divide words. It’s good practice to use a hyphen (-) to denote the end of a phrase or pipes (|). Also, before or this divider you can use your brand name. In presentation consistency mater a lot specifically while dealing with dividers.

Above are some tips to manage page title for your website & how you can optimize page title as per search engine point of you.


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