What is WooCommerce? Does that name ring a bell? If no, let me update you about WooCommerce, its features, and its usefulness in the eCommerce world. Online Services Using WooCommerce is a free plugin of a viral and familiar CMS platform named WordPress (WP). This open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress adds e-commerce functions to your WP site, making it a functional e-commerce site.

User-friendly CMS platforms like WordPress have fulfilled the web requirements of giant corporates like Amazon, eBay, etc. thus turning e-commerce into a booming industry.

Its plugins like WooCommerce were admired all across the globe because of their responsive themes, designs, advanced eCommerce tips and functions, marketing and SEO competency, effective website management, and various other positive features. Research indicates that 22% of the top 1 million websites use WooCommerce for fulfilling their e-commerce requirements.

An e-commerce website reaches a vast mass of people by the online display of all tangible and physical products and selling the same to customers by delivering the products at your doorstep, without the need to invest in a physical store. But a Online Services Using WooCommerce website is not restricted to the selling of goods only; it also includes selling of services.

How to Set up Services using WooCommerce?

Setup WooCommerce:

  • In WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Add New > WooCommerce
  • Install WooCommerce plugin and activate the same
  • Later run Setup Wizard
  • Choose your desired settings like currency, tax, services, etc.
  • Don’t tick “want to ship products” option since you are selling services and not products.
  • Enter your email id and select payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe for online payments, and also give a “pay later” option for offline payments.
  • Click the button at the end of the setup wizard and add service products.

Add Services (Products) to WooCommerce:

In your WP dashboard, add services by navigating to Products > Add new. Write the name of the service in the Products field.

  • Give a product title and description for customer clarity.
  • Navigate to Product Data shown below and select “Simple product” if there is only one option; but
  • select “Variable Product” in the drop-down box in case of multiple options (time frame, types of services, other options, etc.).
  • In the same row, Tick the “Virtual” box and add the cost of the service in the “Regular Price” box shown below.
  • Use the “Inventory” tab for restricting the number of services.
  • Click “Publish”
  • Next, go to Products > select “Add New” and keep adding new services that you wish to sell using WooCommerce.

Install WooCommerce Product Table:

WooCommerce has built-in table layouts for exhibiting services. List these services on your WordPress site by using one of these layouts. Service Box plugin or WooCommerce Product Table plugin helps display your services in a user-friendly way.

After installing the plugin, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product Tables
Select the table options, list your services, and click the “insert product table button” for displaying the same on your WP site.

You can also use product variations by selecting “Variable product” in the Product data field; for giving the choice of services to your customers.
An image of separate variations, mentioned by variation drop-down in table plugins is shown below for your reference.

Set up Shipping / Payment Options:

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > WooCommerce Services > Shipping Labels. Select paper size, go to Payment, add credit card. Save the changes.

You can also automate your billing process by sending email invoices to your clients.
Now that your services offered to customers are displayed, let’s come to the next major point as to how to provide these online services to customers?

How to offer services using WooCommerce:

WooCommerce Subscriptions:

You can use WooCommerce subscriptions extension and merge it with your service/payment details. Also, you can select “Subscription product” from the dropdown menu of Product type. Automate payment process and permit up-gradation / down gradation of plans (to customers) for hassle-free income.

Cost of Service + Initial fee setup + monthly payment = Good Revenues

Loyal customers, who love your services, will subscribe the same and use your services regularly. This will give you a regular flow of income and an increase in business revenues.

Example: If a customer has subscribed to a monthly grooming session of his dog at USD 60/month, he will avail of this service every month, thus keeping your income recurring.

Use Product Bundles (Add-Ons):

Bundling services or combo offers is an excellent way to gain more profit. Clubbing of two functions (2 in 1) attracts many customers since they gain the benefit of 2 services by paying for a single one. This entices them to avail of your online services more frequently and also motivates them to give referrals leading to business growth.

Product Bundles WooCommerce Extension is one such plugin which allows you to club your services quickly with its simple layouts.

Discount Offers:

Discounts on referrals given by loyal customers, festival discounts, offers, bulk discounts, and seasonal offers all lead to a healthy online service business.

Customization of prices as per service availed, depending on the duration of service, also helps improve customer satisfaction, making them crave for your services more often.

CRM for Managing Potential Customers:

Be it any business, physical or online; managing client database is of utmost importance. Make it a priority by responding to their emails, studying their expectations, and improving your services as per their feedbacks.

Send promotional emails for new services and always be open to positive feedbacks or negative criticisms for a satisfactory client experience.

WooCommerce comes with in-built CRM plugins like the WP-CRM system, which helps manage customer data with ease, and this plugin has multiple language features also.

Selling Services on Hourly basis:

In many services, you need to sell time rather than money, and hence a few more options need to be activated on WooCommerce.

In the Product Table Page, in Settings, tick the “Quantity” box for each service you have displayed. When you customize the heading “Buy,” clarify whether the price of the service is on an hourly basis or a daily basis. Adding a short description of the service also helps the customer in the service selection process.

Bookings / Appointments:

When you are selling your services on-time basis, it is essential to book an appointment for precise online services. This not only ensures the smooth functioning of selling online services, but this professional approach also creates a positive impression amongst the customers who are opting for your assistance. They tend to repeat your site for the same, which increases your business revenue and growth.

“WooCommerce Booking Extension” plugin helps automates bookings, leading to smooth online service operations.

Utilize the WooCommerce “Quick View Pro” Plugin:

Sometimes extra information about the service helps the customer in making instant decisions about utilizing the service. If you feel an extra page is unnecessary, you can install the WooCommerce “Quick View Pro” plugin to show the additional information. This enables a quick view of the service, and a smart decision follows.

Wrapping Up:

WooCommerce is one of the best options for selling online services. Multiple plugins and extensions not only fulfill all your online service business requirements, but they also ensure customer satisfaction when installed adequately on the WooCommerce site.
From the installation process to adding online services, payments, and legal formalities, WooCommerce has it all. Having customized templates with appropriate service descriptions and automated booking and payment processes all under one roof, WooCommerce helps increase service revenues and business growth. Best Wishes!!