Every website owner wants high traffic to its website. But it’s not that easy or hard to get high traffic on the website. There are many techniques are available to get huge traffic on the website. Mainly there are two SEO techniques to improve website ranking, to get better listed in search engine results.


About what we already learn in our last article. i.e. ON-PAGE SEO.

Here we are getting more ideas to get huge traffic by using the OFF-PAGE SEO technique.

OFF-PAGE SEO: It is a technique that you can manage OFF your website to help you rank higher and drive as much as traffic to your website.

It is not an overnight task, It is an ongoing process. It’s nothing but a link building technique.

Getting a link from 3rd party websites. To achieve this there are some methods are available like below

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique in which your content gets shared with 3rd party website to publish on their website which links back to your website. A most important key factor to get a link back to your website is linking those keywords back to your website which you want to rank in search engine results.

Directory Submission

There are many local listing/directory websites are available so get listed in such directory with a link back to your website. You may manage some detail about your website there which include some of the targeted keywords.

Press Release

It’s a technique to keep your visitors updated with your business news & updates. Also, distribute those on multiple channels & includes a backlink to your website. Press Release is considered as a quick way to provide instant visibility to a news release because press release sites are often indexed very easily in search engines & visitor are also able to share the news via the press release sites to other sources and web portals.

Press releases must be very well written & informative to ensure interest must be generated in the reader. Each press release must contain the properly targeted keyword which wants to get ranked in search engine.

Video Marketing

Create the best business & services explanatory video which provides simplified information about your business. Share that video on multiple video-sharing website.

As per the search engine work style, it helps a visitor to get the best relevant data as per the query throw. When visitors found your video to be relevant they likely to share that within their friend circle. The more it gets shared, the better the overall online presence you get.

Also, the important fact that the video is far less competitive in search than anything else on Google.

Blog Commenting

Leave the best meaningful & relevant comment on 3rd party blogs & website also include backlink with targeted keyword in a comment.

It is used to show to your audience how trustworthy your blog is and this encouraging reader to visit your website, comment on it & share it. Once it gets shared over social media by the audience it will create an excellent impression over new visitors, as because of this they will come to know about your website’s popularity for sure.

Forum Marketing

Choose the best relevant forum & maintain your engagement in the forum by giving an answer to questions. Also, you can ask a question in a forum.

Forums are always a great place of knowledge. Also, Posting in forums is a way of getting yourself known & taking part in a community,

Social Media Marketing

Create content for your website and share them on respective social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With that content encourage the user to share those with many & stay connected with you. Now a day it’s the best medium to grow. It’s the best technique to target huge crowds.

There are many more ways are available to do OFF-PAGE SEO, here we cover the most result-driven technique as per search engine manner. It will be more than helpful if you share your ways to help others to get to know about OFF-PAGE SEO techniques to improve ranking.

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