Digital marketing has opened the entry for online players and has distorted the presence of local or confined retail stores. mobile search The latest news and market research state, the connection of digital marketing & local in-store shopping is far more consistent than that of word-of-mouth, which uses to be the asset of offline retailers before the era of digital & mobile marketing entered the lives of people.

Local or in-store retailers believe that online or digital marketing works only for e-commerce websites. But, digital marketing doesn’t just drive from the world of e-commerce, rather it actually gets consumers into local stores as well.

Online advertisement to increase online existence:

Most of the offline or local in-store retailers lack in the right guidance, as of how digital marketing can be influenced to boost up the sales. There are myriads of ways that could help all the local or in-store retailers to boost their online as well as offline presence.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising:

Most of the offline or local in-store retailers lack in the right guidance, as of how digital marketing can be influenced to boost up the sales. There are myriads of ways that could help all the local or in-store retailers to boost their online as well as offline presence. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising highlights the brand name, which further helps in increasing the brand value of the business and brand awareness amongst potential customers. These ads are successful because they provide the customer with all the brand-related information that he/she needs to know while connecting towards a new brand. This way the customer needs not invest so much time to read or search about the required information about the brand. In addition, these ads can also be shown to the people who search for the products using relevant terms.

Another advantage of going with the PPC ads is that they target the desired or potential audience of a particular location, preferably places around their stores. Even it becomes necessary to show the ads to the potential customers, as the retailer would be charged each time these ads are clicked and showing these ads to a targeted audience will result in an increased conversion rate and increased ROI.

Store visits after an online search:

Most of the local or in-store retailers are not aware of the various mobile Search marketing techniques and assume that they are only for e-commerce players. Rather, according to various research and surveys it has been proven that customers are likely to visit a local store when they are looking for any listed products in search results. Even it is found that 2 out of 3 shoppers who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores.

The local in-store retailers need to realize that the customers shop digitally before going into the store, therefore, these retailers should make sure that they provide all the vital information that customers might search online.

Linking offline retailers with the mobile users:

We are living in this 21st century, where people are always ready to search and surf online, whenever they want to buy or search for any particular thing or when they have a query. Customers these days are spending nearly 15 hours per week browsing or surfing on the internet.

Google business local listings:

One of the important feature that drags consumers to stores near their current location is the store locator facility available on Google. Using this feature the consumer can find out exactly how far the store is located from their location, and they can head straight to the store with the navigation tool of Google Maps. Therefore, it becomes essential for all local in-store retailers to add their location on Google using its map locator. Through this the customer gets to know whether a store is close to his/her location or not.

Digital marketing bridges the gap between customers and local stores:

Today the customers are so much mobile Search friendly that without searching about a thing on the internet they do not consider buying the product. Therefore, retailers that provide relevant, local information online will definitely increase both reach and sales of their local or in-store business. While helping to drive the customers in the store, digital marketing also helps them to enhance the customer’s experience once he/she has entered the hoard. The Internet has restructured the way people shop, which is in a good way and retailers who would make the proper use of this will see themselves moving ahead.

Organic search listings:

Organic listings are the most traditional way of advertising by which offline retailers can show up on a customer’s search field below the PPC ads results without even paying a penny. In this process, a link to the retailer’s website automatically shows on the customer’s screen when he/she searches for something relevant to the products offered by the local or in-store retailers.

The number on which the retailer’s website is listed is again decided by Google depending on the relevance of content and other major factors. In the meanwhile, the retailer should ensure that he/she is providing the relevant content on the website of the store so that it shows up on the top of the organic search listings.

Tracking results:

In order to track the basis of the leads that the local or in-store retailer receive through the above online advertising methods is recommended to generate unique phone numbers for each advertising channel. This way the retailers could measure the effectiveness of each channel.

Impact of mobile Search on the store visit:

Gone were the days when customers used to get to their computers for connecting to the internet, but nowadays searches on the desktop have dropped as mobile is always in reach. It is found that 21 percent of in-store shopping in urban land is influenced by digital marketing and 18 percent is influenced by mobile. If you have a physical store, then mobile search could be the new threshold of your store.


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