Competitive Mobile Marketing Strategies that Drive Leads and sales

These days, many companies use competitive mobile marketing strategies to achieve a stable and advantageous position in the business market, beat the huge competition, and generate more leads and sales every day. This development is caused by people’s tendency to use mobile devices to find information, products, and services on the internet. Today, the number of mobile Internet users is increasing rapidly. So, entrepreneurs and business organizations have started to use competitive mobile marketing strategies to meet their ambitious objectives. How can you do it for your business? Let’s consider now.

  1. Optimize Your Website with A Mobile-First Approach

The World’s leading search engine Google has made it mandatory for all individuals to make their sites responsive to all mobile devices if they want to increase the presence of their brand on the World Wide Web and gain a significant income every day.

Non-responsive websites are disliked by Google and have a lower ranking in its SERP. So, ask the web developer to take your website to the mobile platform. You can do it yourself with the help of dedicated plugins.

Once you have a responsive website, optimize it with a mobile-first approach keeping different factors in mind. Keep the content length concise and straightforward to help mobile visitors view articles in full. When websites are optimized with a mobile-first approach, their owners get lots of business opportunities every day.

2. Make Your Mobile Applications Popular

As many individuals use mobile devices for Internet browsing and online shopping, the marketing of mobile applications is one of the most effective ways to generate more leads and sales. In simple words, A mobile application is a program installed on the phone through which you can buy or order goods and services and find out the latest information.

These days, mobile applications are widely used by delivery services, beauty salons, taxis, and other companies because it simplifies the process of order placement and payment.

So, get a mobile app for your brand and promote it on your website, social media channels and other web platforms as far as possible. Encourage people to download your app from the Google Play Store and start using it for dealing with your brand. Careful use of mobile applications let you grab more business opportunities from new and old customers and generate leads/sales one after another every day.

3. Use Auto Dial and Voicemail for Lead Generation

To help customers get more information about your products and services, you should use Automakers and voice portals. When a person comes to your website and generates a quest, he/she immediately gets a call back if you use Voicemail and Auto dial features for the promotion of your business. It will enable you to generate more leads and sales with a little effort.

4. Use Mobile API

In simple words, it is a shell that receives the content of the main site via the API and displays them very well on all mobile devices in a completely different design. All big IT companies (such as Facebook & Twitter) use it as they need to maintain a single content both for the desktop and mobile versions of the website. You can implement API with the mobile version of your website and synchronize important content in it from the main website.

5. Use SMS Marketing to Communicate with Customers

SMS marketing is an effective way to send instant notifications to customers about current happenings and get an immediate response from them. Recipients do not need to have a smartphone to receive SMS. Even owners of outdated mobile phones can get SMS easily.

SMS is compatible with 99.9% of mobile phones, smartphones, and other modern gadgets. Although SMS marketing has existed for a long time, many companies ignore their huge business potential. However, a well-thought-out plan for getting contact numbers from customers and sending targeted SMS is extremely successful for many companies.

To avoid customer alienation, you should get permission in advance from (SMS marketing) and send only what was promised. It is because No one likes to receive useless messages. Always keep in mind that people actively respond to service-oriented messages, reminders, and calls with no obvious marketing goal.

6. Combine mobile marketing and social media for Better Results

Don’t forget the huge business potential of different social media websites. Many social media users can come in your touch through mobile devices. Just organize contests, polls, quizzes for them from time to time. Use Mobile marketing and social media marketing collectively to include more customers in lead generation activities & generate more sales by leaps and bounds.

7. Use Push Notifications

You should use push notifications to seek an instant response from customers and generate more leads and sales every day. Notifications work perfectly on the desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome and Safari OSX. If a customer allows you to send notifications, you should introduce personalized offers to him/her to make more transactions. Never send meaningless messages to customers to push notifications as it can make them fretful, and they might stop dealing with your brand from the next time.

Final Words

Competitive Mobile Marketing Strategies work wonders for all those companies that want to reach out to a large number of customers with low investment and generate sufficient revenues without any fuss. Use these tips to get the desired success while generating leads and sales through mobile customers. Good Luck!

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