4 Ways to Mix Print and Digital Marketing to Maximize ROI. Print and digital can work together to maximize ROI. See how Mix of Print and Digital Marketing use to Boost Marketing ROI.

Marketing is essential to all businesses nowadays. Marketing is the best way to promote a business, attract customers and boost sales. In the modern digital age, marketers tend to focus on marketing strategies that prove most effective. In addition, businesses focus their resources on marketing campaigns that have the potential to bring a considerable return on investment (ROI)[mainly Maximize ROI]. That being said, most people believe that traditional methods of marketing are outdated and not nearly as effective as digital marketing.

Mix Print and Digital Marketing to Maximize ROI

However, traditional methods, such as printing materials, are still quite effective at attracting customers and gaining their interest. As a matter of fact, 56% of consumers in the U.S. claim that printed materials help them make a purchasing decision as opposed to 37% that prefer email newsletters. Simply put, the print isn’t dead, nor will it be anytime soon. Here are a few ways to mix print and digital marketing to maximize ROI.

Combining marketing efforts

It’s no secret that digital marketing is omnipresent these days and rightfully so. Many people are active online and digital marketing is the best way for marketers to reach their target audience. However, business success depends on how many customers a company can attract. By combining the digital approach with printed materials, a company can extend its reach and also target potential customers who aren’t as active online as others.

In fact, print tends to have one of the highest ROIs, 125% to be exact. Still, when combined with digital marketing, the ROI goes up to 163%. Therefore, it’s better for marketers to focus on leveraging both print and digital marketing in order to expand their reach and attract more customers than to simply focus on a single marketing approach. With the right strategy in place, the return on investment from mixed marketing can be extremely profitable.


Add digital content to printed materials

Magazines, brochures, and newspapers rich with content can help attract offline customers and make them more interested in your offers. Printed materials can also be used as a medium that will connect your offline audience with online promotions. A good example is adding a link to your physical materials that will lead consumers to your social media promotions or provide them with additional information on your website. You should do this because printing isn’t cheap.
Trying to include every piece of information in printed materials will simply require too many resources. That’s why including a digital footprint into the printed materials is the best option for a high ROI. Make sure that the links you include in the print-outs lead to valuable, relevant and informative content. You can also consult with companies, such as Leafcutter, to help you include some interesting storytelling. That way, you’ll ensure that your audience has the most value from your mixed marketing efforts.

Use custom URLs and QR codes for more engagement

Custom URLs and QR codes are other great examples of having a digital crossover with printed materials. Consumers that prefer print-outs can leverage these URLs and QRs to access your digital media. You can also include special promotions and discounts for scans that will encourage more engagement in your customers. In addition, these combined efforts are also a great way to lead your customers further down your sales funnel.

At the same time, you’re driving more traffic to your online promotions and attracting more customers to your campaigns. Furthermore, URLs and QR codes can help you gather relevant data on how your printed materials are being consumed and how your tailored messages are being received. It can also give you valuable information about your customers. The data you gather can help you improve your mixed marketing campaigns and promotions in the future.

Ask for feedback

There’s no way to maximize ROI from your mixed marketing efforts if your campaign is going bad or if you chose the wrong approach. Also, there’s no way to know if you’re doing something wrong unless you go straight to your audience for feedback. Most of the time, your customers won’t hesitate to voice their opinions.

However, sometimes you’ll have to be more persuasive and offer discounts or handouts to customers in exchange for their feedback. The main reason you need customer feedback is that it’s the surest way to learn how your cross-platform campaign is performing. What’s more, you’ll gain valuable insight into how to improve your marketing efforts and maximize your ROI.

Combining traditional and digital marketing methods is the best way to engage more people and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Just because many people claim that traditional marketing is dead, it doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Many successful brands leverage both methods to build awareness and improve their sales. There’s no reason that this strategy can’t work in your favor as well.

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