Day by day content & content marketing becoming more competitive and to stay in front of the competition content marketer need to be keen while choosing a relevant keyword. Long Tail Pro is software used for the keyword research with easy to use user-friendly user interface. long tail pro for blogger Every blogger, content marketer & business owner always search for the best efficient way for the detail keyword research. They always be in search of the best keyword to get rank easily in search engines and in this article I explain how this all issue Long Tail Pro can resolve for you.

As a search engine love long-tail keywords and if you provide the best possible relevant keywords then for sure you will see a dramatic change in traffic to your website.

Let’s start with Long Tail Pro

To start with Long Tail Pro for a blogger you need to download an installable file from the Long Tail Pro website. After download, you need to install it on your computer.
Now after installation done open the software & in software at the top left, search for the “Find Keyword”.

So, Click on “Add seed keyword” and provide your word or phrase in the input box as per your requirement ( E.g. Why Bluehost ) then click “Add”.

Now if you have any word or phrases then repeat the above step for those all.

Once you are done with it now you need relevant results so to get exact results to add filters on this. In this have choice like you can get only long-tail keywords on the basis of locally or globally, the same way many filters you can apply.

Once you are done with filter its time to see magic, click on “Generate keywords and fetch data”.

As per the number of keywords, you added & the filters you applied it takes time to generate the magical result.

🙂 Patience Is The Key To Success. 🙂

Results Time!!!

As per the keyword & their popularity with number of filters apply, you might get a huge list of results.
Now here is a Long Tail Pro became a SUPERHERO that helps you to manage it easily.


In your result sheet, you can see multiple columns as per your filters applied. Now you can order results as per your convenience using columns.

Consider you want to see the result with the longest phrase containing keyword “BlueHost”, so just click on “Number of Words” & then type the “BlueHost” in “Filter by keyword” in the keyword column.

So, if you get the best long-tail keyword you were in hunt of, then let’s search those in Google Search and you will get best top 10 search result on the basis of some important factor like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank, Moz Rank, Page links, Juice links & Age of site.

If you go with the premium version of Longtail Pro then you will get the keyword competitiveness score is completed. Lower scores are the ones easier to beat in search results.

In Top 10 results what you need to search for:

  • Check the result with low page & domain authority with minimum link juice of low-quality links.
  • Search for the result which doesn’t have keyword exact match in Page Title / in Page Description / in Page link.
  • Check for the result having low domain age with low PageRank

Above all point helps you to search those results which you can defeat with the long tail keyword for which you got this top ten result. This type of keyword research and analyzing the top 10 results in Google search results will definitely help you to get great success in your business. This way Long Tail Pro makes tasks so much easier and quicker for you.

So let’s give one chance to Long Tail Pro to show some magical success in your business.
Try for the trial version of it.

We talk a lot about Long Tail Pro let’s check it’s capability with one of the best competitor Market Samurai.

  1. This is the most important one as per the end-user point of view of the seed keyword generation, Long Tail Pro can generate multiple seed keywords at a time but Market Samurai can only one.
  2.  To apply filters, Market Samurai needs to separate action but Long Tail Pro can do this all at once.
  3. Market Samurai need separate action to generate keywords & to generate CPC data but Long Tail Pro can do this at once.
  4. To find domains Market Samurai needs to complete many steps after keyword generation but Long Tail Pro can do this at once.
  5. In around 20 to 25 min Market Samurai run max 5 to 7 seed keywords with the requirement of full attention throughout the process but the same task Long Tail Pro can do in 3 to 5 minutes with the search of all exact match domains.

Now at least you’re willing to give one chance to a free 10 days trial of Long Tail Pro just to experience all above I mention.


Your search for the hassle-free, GUI friendly, easy to use, cost-effective & powerful keyword research tool ends here just because of the Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool. As I explain above how it helps you to save your time in search of effective keywords, domains & competitors make this tool for everyone to fall in love with.

In the end, just want to say Long Tail Pro truly deserves the free 10-day trial.

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