In the digital age, LinkedIn personal branding tool, your online footprint now serves as your calling card and portfolio. A resume is not as compelling as it once was, especially now that you can create your own website without writing a single line of code through and Wix.

The options, of course, don’t stop there. LinkedIn is similar to other social networking sites but with one difference – it’s for professionals from all walks of life. In essence, it enables you to create a dynamic digital resume, one that you can use to establish your own personal brand if you know-how.

Branding doesn’t only apply to businesses. You need to create your own personal brand if you want to stand out from the competition. Today the internet has leveled the playing field for anyone, which makes it all the more important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.




You can utilize LinkedIn as a Social Media Marketing tool for your career: We also can say Personal Branding Tool

Beef up your profile and stay active.

Aside from your work experience, relevant education, and other credentials, LinkedIn enhances your profile with its Web 2.0 capacities to highlight your expertise more.

Its status updates keep your connections informed about your recent gigs. In addition, you can also include related content from your website or a third-party website. Posting useful and actionable status updates on a regular basis makes you appear active on the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn Polls allow you to collect actionable data from your connections and professional audience. Moreover, if you have a creative portfolio that you want to display, you can post it on the Behance Network. Once posted, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your work in your profile.

Personalize your profile.
Most LinkedIn profiles look and sound like normal resumes or bios written in the third person. Make your own page a standout in the sea of your target market’s connections by personalizing it. This ups your chance of making a human connection with your audience.

Use a more personable language to illustrate your unique voice and style. Don’t be afraid to share your passion for what you do because showing enthusiasm for your work is one of the most powerful tools for closing business.

Take advantage of the community features.
Communicate and collaborate with other LinkedIn users in LinkedIn Groups to help you stay informed, as well as keep in touch with people with the same interest.

Participating in LinkedIn Groups by adding value to the discussion is a great way to expand your circle of influence. On one hand, LinkedIn Answers is a great tool to share business knowledge and connect with like-minded colleagues.

You can ask pressing questions and get quick answers from your network and other experts worldwide. Likewise, you can impart your expertise, ideas, and interests by answering inquiries.

Leverage LinkedIn as a business-building tool.
If you have a business you can use your own personal brand to grow your company.

You can take a look at the wide pool of professionals to scout for your A-Team. You will be able to see certain nuances that wouldn’t be available in a resume, such as their connections and interests. Any skilled and driven professional wouldn’t just settle at filling up their profiles.

Likewise, you can use LinkedIn to find out more about your prospects. This is very beneficial for businesses that offer enterprise services, as their target would be the decision-makers of the company.

Speaking of decision-makers, you as a business owner are more likely to be taken seriously on LinkedIn. By establishing yourself as a thought leader, it will lend credibility to your company.

Publish your thought leadership insights.

Thought leaders are known to share their thoughts publicly and build a following around their ideas. Publishing and sharing relevant and useful content is a powerful way to showcase your niche expertise.

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform gives you the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry or niche right inside of LinkedIn.

Of course, building a library of your thought leadership insights on LinkedIn can ultimately increase the value of your LinkedIn profile. Moreover, your thought leadership posts can be discovered by the members of your network in LinkedIn searches and through outside search engines on an ongoing basis.

Investing in your LinkedIn page with these pro tips will surely enhance and turn into a dynamic digital asset that can grow your influence, reach, and attract your ideal clients and customers. In case you’re beefing up your marketing career with digital marketing courses, try not to forget what LinkedIn can do for your strategies.

linkedin Personal Branding Tool


These are a successful way to build your brand on LinkedIn by utilizing it as a Personal Branding Tool. I hope now you can use the LinkedIn platform to your advantage as a professional branding tool.

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