Kotlin has become an official language for Android app development. Though some may still feel that Java has proven to be working during all these years. Why should we switch to Kotlin?

Let’s cut down the chase and clear out all the doubts about the new member in the android programming.

Kotlin makes Android Much simpler.

If you are learning about Kotlin recently then, you might have heard about its simplicity and power. It would be totally new for you if you are coming out from Java.

I believe Kotlin is the only alternative that can develop a great Android application. The compilation time in the Kotlin is as same as Java. However, the same can be not said about Scala; it is tremendously heavy, and compilation time and tools can’t be compared.

In addition, the library required to write Kotlin apps is very small.


Mature Environment and language

Kotlin was released after lots of tests and trials, unlike swift, so there is less chance of a problem while you are working with Kotlin.

The IDE plugin performs seamlessly and lets may of features that you like and utilize in Java. Hence, working with Kotlin is great in that sense.

Integrated with Android Studio

You may have already seen that while you set up Kotlin, it is ready to work in less than 10 minutes without any query. Using Android 2.3 you just need to install a plugin, and with Android 3.0 the whole process will be easily integrated.

Hence, from there everything will work as same as Java; you can run from the IDE, debug without issues, do re-factors, use the instant run.

If you are an Android developer, you need to recycle.

You may not find out what other language offers in terms of simplicity and error handling. As you switch the language, you start to think differently.

The newly gained knowledge helps you to work in Java. Now you can solve things differently because you have learned new concepts, that you were not aware of.

Moreover, you become more versatile. Now you can look at the different languages like Swift, ruby, and Groovy, You will find out that they use similar ideas.

Safer than Java

There are problems like NullPointerException in Java. And every time you see it irritates you; of course you can use tools like annotation, or some design patterns to avoid it, but ultimately it required time and money.

The whole amount of code we save on Kotlin returns to:

  • Fewer errors
  • The code is simple to understand.
  • Compiler helps you detect those errors

Well Known companies that use Kotlin

Pinterest is already using Kotlin in the new features of the Android app. Basecamp is another example of that has been developed in 100% Kotlin.


Easy to learn

One of the top benefits of Kotlin is that a Java developer can easily understand most of the code without even written a line of code.

It is because, at JetBrains, they were sure of making the new language identical to Java so that the transition can be smooth. Thanks to the simplicity of the language and with the help of the compiler and IDE, you can easily take care of the basics of the language really fast.


If you think Kotlin is only used for Android app development then you are mistaken, It can be used on any devices that can run the JVM.

You can not only work on Front-end development using Kotlin but also you will also be able to write your Gradle files in Kotlin

Fun to Use

Sometimes java can be boring, on the other hand, Kotlin is really fun to use. Of course, it may be subjective. 

Kotlin opens new opportunities for you to be more productive, to solve the same problem in a very different way.


All in all, According to me Kotlin is a friendly language to start with, I will help you explore your mind and think differently.

If you have a start-up or have established business and you are looking forward to turn your innovative idea of the android app into a reality, then Kotlin may be the right choice for you.


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