The digital marketing world opens its doors to ordinary people and marketers without any experience. Keywords and search query Its inevitable – if you are a small business owner, you should at least have a listing in Google or a Facebook page. That’s not enough in most of the cases, and websites are nowadays a must. Of course, there is a very good reason for this, and the most obvious one of them is first-page ranking in the search results of most search engines.


The problem here is that people who get themselves into this, have very little knowledge of how to do it properly. This is where SEO service providers come handy. Whether you decide to learn how to handle your SEO needs or leave them in the hands of a professional service provider, having an understanding of SEO basics is important and today, I’ll talk about keywords and search queries.

In short, the main difference between these two is that webmasters (or their content writing team) target keywords, while the users/readers use search queries to find resources.

To explain this in detail, I’ll have to explain both keywords and search queries from the perspective of webmasters and users.

Keywords from The Perspective of Website Masters

Keywords are what the website master targets in a search campaign. This search campaign can be organic, local, or PPC (pay-per-click). In other words, if I sell pizza and target the keyword “best pizza,” I’m hoping that the users will end up on my restaurant’s page.

Keywords from The Perspective of Users

Truth is, users don’t care about keywords. Instead, users create search queries. For example, if someone is searching for “Italian style pizza in NY”, the chances of seeing my “best pizza” website is low. Even if my SEO game is strong and my site appears under that search query, I believe that another restaurant focusing on “Italian pizza” will outrank me and get that customer.

Search Queries from The Perspective of Website Masters

The reason webmasters should study popular search queries in their industry is that they will know what people are looking for. This will help them choose the proper keywords. Things can only get wrong here if not enough research is done.
Let’s say my SEO company told me that “unique Calzone pizza recipe” is the most beneficial keyword for me, and they come up with content that describes how I make a Calzone pizza using a unique, secret recipe that has been passed from generation to generation in my family, for centuries.

Are you still trying to see what the issue might be here? Well, if someone that is looking for a recipe ends up on my website, which doesn’t give the actual recipe or even the option to order a pizza but just informs that my restaurant prepares the best Calzone, I believe that this someone would be pretty disappointed. This someone will close my website the second he or she realizes this is not a recipe’s website, Google will keep this as a statistic and soon enough, when hundreds of pizza-making enthusiasts do the same, my overall site ranking will drop for sure.

This is why you should not use popular search queries as keywords and rank for everything that has a search volume on Google!

Search Queries from The Perspective of Readers

Basically, everything a user puts into Google automatically becomes a search query. Once again, this shouldn’t have anything to do with keywords! The reader doesn’t care about your keyword research, the reader doesn’t care whether or not the Google search they do is called a search query or a keyword, the reader wants results.

And you, as a webmaster, should only care about providing quality results for all the search queries regarding your industry. I hope I’ve made things clearer, and I am starting to search the net for 24/7 pizza delivery. Recipes are not what I hope to find…

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