Instagram is no more a just-millennial platform. It has rather evolved as a mature social media platform that is now being widely used worldwide for business and marketing activities. These days, you’ll find numerous Instagram Video For Business accounts that have simply refined the whole business marketing concept for the marketers.

In the early days of the platform, Instagram was mere a photo-only place. However, it now welcomes videos widely, and they are surely doing equally well. If you are a marketer, Instagram Video For Business surely deserve your attention. But are you not sure of how to dive in? Well, let’s have a look at some of the effective ways to use IG videos for business. To start with, how about classifying the videos this platform has to offer to its users.

Types of IG videos

For those who aren’t aware, there are four variants of video on IG.

  • Feed Videos
  • Video Stories
  • Live Videos
  • IGTV Videos

Feed Videos:

These are the standard IG videos that have been available for almost a decade. You can find them while browsing through the explore tab or while scrolling down your feed. They are mostly well-planned videos.

Video Stories:

In the year 2016, Instagram launched the feature of ‘Instagram Stories.’ They are vertical snippets that turn out to be rather raw than the feed videos. With a length of 15 seconds, they are mostly personal. You can, later on, add these stories to your timeline, or highlights.

Live Videos:

Broadcasting a live video stream is what IG live is all about. They let you interact with your audience in real-time and it builds a strong bond with them.

IGTV Videos:

Launched in the year 2018, IGTV is the result of the triggered demand for video content.

With that being defined, let’s move on to some effective ways or tips for using their videos for business.

1. Use IG Video Stories Very Effectively

IG stories have a lifespan of 24 hours, which means you as a marketer have an opportunity to create an urgency for your offers or launches. People love daily-basis deals! It’s true. You can share a deal for the day. This way, people will keep on coming back to your feed to watch your stories for everyday deals, or some new information.
Or introduce some behind-the-scenes. Be it faces, progress, procedure. Let your audience connect more to your business.

2. Showcase Your Product or Business in a Quirked-Up Way

While scrolling the IG feed, videos tend to play automatically. Make sure you make your product the hero. And quirk it up in the video. You can use a product video to highlight the features as well. Make it attention-worthy.

3. Opt for Little Commercials

Commercials on IG can be very cool. They need not be serious. You can add some amazing, crazy creativity that would highlight your product or business and post it.

4. Solve the Problem

If you go by Instagram Video Guide, you’ll realize that videos that successfully identify and solve a problem work wonders with the audience. And again. Do that creatively. This way, your bond with your followers or audience will deepen. And once you have got them hooked, they are all yours, loyally.

5. Use the Video to Build Credibility

Video can be a table turner if you are looking for a perfect tool that would build credibility for your business. Marketers have said that there are more returns and conversions via IG videos than any other medium. Videos can be your selling flag or a tool that will simply let them connect to your business. Either way, it is a win-win situation for your business.

6. Let in An Influencer

There were days when marketers would pay big famous faces some deep pockets just to endorse. But today, all you gotta do is invite an influencer and let him/her do the talking. You can also offer him/her an Explainer Video to make it more personalized. Make sure that the influencer is relevant and the rest can be assured.

7. Use IG Videos to Make Your Audience Feel Special

You might have a YouTube channel or a Facebook handle, but create IG videos separately. Some brands have used this platform for image-building and because it has a more refined audience than any other platform out there.

While there is no rocket-science of how these videos can be used, it is always good to stand out from others in the market. All you gotta do is create a crazy Instagram Video For Business, and shout it out to the world.