Want to create a big difference in your marketing and sales?

Well, start using influencer marketing as it can do wonders for your business. It’s like hiring a team of well-wishers who can work day-in and day-out to support your cause. Influencers can impact purchase decisions, offer recommendations and help drive traffic and conversion. They are people with clout on social media with hundreds of thousands of followers.

More so, influencers are the people whose opinion holds value among followers. They can say good things about products, services or any aspect of a business, and this can affect other people. So, it makes sense for businesses to leverage their presence and clout on social channels and drive their operations and sales forward. let’s see how to use influencer marketing to boost your traffic and conversion





Here are ways to use influencer marketing to boost your traffic and conversions –

1. Know which influencers matter to you

The first step in leveraging influencer marketing is to know who can influence your audience. You should first get the idea about the influencers that can add value to your business. You must know where your audience turns more for information, knowledge or enlightenment etc., or whose opinions your audience prefers more. It’s also key to know the right target audience for your product as only as can you approach an influencer fit for your business requirements. So, the first step is always knowing how your influencer can really add value before you can go ahead further.

2. Analyze the reach of the influencer you want

In the next step, you must analyze the reach and clout of the influencer you want for your business. This will help you get the right value for your business. Not all influencers are alike, as some are good at making people think while others, at making people act. Some will have broad appeal while some with real connect with the niche audience yet lacking in broad appeal. If you’re not sure whom to contact, it’s always better to look at what your competitor is going for. That will help a lot.

3. Engage with them personally

If you want to benefit from an influencer’s reach and presence on social media, it’s better to start off by engaging with them personally. You can show appreciation to their good work, their content strategy, and their conversations per se. You can see their ideas and their exchange of content across platforms to see how the influencer can fit your requirements perfectly. You can guest blog for them, you can look to boost their content and show appreciation for their efforts. You can engage with them and take a solid step toward availing of their expertise.

4. Look to collaborate with them

It’s always beneficial to add a few influencers to your team and collaborate with them on spreading awareness of your brand. You must focus on the creation of high-quality content and leverage content marketing strategies with you as well as with their content. You can join the team and produce content and posts that ensure action on the part of the target audience. The influencers must help you in spreading your brand message and you must also make it a point to push their blogs, posts, books or pictures or whatever is there from them on social media.

  1. Reward them for their effort

Never settle for financial payment to influencers in lieu of promoting your brand or products or services. This might reek of paid advertising which your target audience can easily smell and instantly dislike it. You, however, can pay for those providing high-quality content for your site. You can approach an influencer and ask if they can share content on that specific subject. Don’t fall prey to monetary rewards and rather let extrinsic motivation be the driving force behind the influencer’s effort on your brand promotion. This will also help in the long run.

6. Take to tracking numbers

Give at least one month to see the effects your influencers have caused in terms of brand engagement, conversions, content creation, etc. You should track the number after one or two months as give can give a fair bit of idea about the impact influencers do really bring on your brand. You can this decision to hire a digital marketing company or continue with the influencers.

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