What 2019 In-stores for Mobile Marketing?


The 21st century is the most techno-savvy century which has witnessed a high jump of the technology from earth to sky. in stores With the end of each year, people interestingly wish to see what the new year will bring. Here 2019 is expected to change the history of mobile marketing which the industry has never seen ever in the last 18 years. A shift that will go beyond the expectations of marketers is here in 2019. It will not be easy for enterprises to cope up with the changing market trend. Either small or large enterprise you belong to, if you need to grow a level up, you should understand the smart techniques and strategies of mobile marketing. Well, here is what you need to learn about mobile marketing to seek customer’s attention towards your products in the competitive year 2019. Let’s see what 2019 in-store for mobile marketing?

First, you need to clear your perception about mobile marketing. It is not rocket science but it is also not less than that. It is a combination of mind and intelligence which convert your thoughts into an appealing art for attracting customers towards your products and services. In simple words, when companies use telecommunication networks to connect with the potential customers via bulk SMS messages, phone calls, sponsored advertisements, etc. to let them know the novel periodic changes made by the company in the products, services, and offers, the system is considered as mobile marketing. When things are synchronized and done in an efficient way, the mobile marketers provide required time, details and location-sensitive details to the techno-savvy customers using a personalized mobile phone. And this is what makes mobile marketers reach the top position. It is not that difficult, all you need to do is go through the customer’s mind, know what exactly they want and finally to provide them everything they want.

If you need to keep pace with the emerging trends in 2019, you should be pursuing the following trends to grab the market lead:

You must be very well aware of Google’s voice search feature. The constant improvement in Google’s algorithm can help marketers to target the audience in a much beneficial way. A mobile-friendly app which easily appears on the screen while searched on voice search makes the customer remember your enterprise

You must be aware of the live-streaming. Yes, you are on the right track if it clicks your mind to generate the content having a qualified video. According to data generated, mobile videos are expected to double the mobile data traffic in 2019 by which it was in 2018.

Nothing can beat the performance; neither quantity nor offers. A quick and speedy visit to the web page and links is what increases the performance quality. The development of the internet generations is a big example of the speed of the internet required by people. A high-speed mobile site is a trick that is not known to all that can create a positive image of the enterprise in the customer’s mindset. A report has suggested that more than 50% of the users leave the page if it takes more than 5 seconds to load the page.

Providing a secure connection and root is very important. It doesn’t make a huge difference by providing a secure connection but it definitely makes a big difference to your brand image if you don’t provide a secure connection. If it really is all about image than why to stay back?

The future is nowhere but here. We all have read written content but it always makes it attractive when we see a picture or video attached to it. It helps us to imagine the things we read and understand it with interest. That’s the point. Providing a 3D content which is promised by Google assistant in many smartphones will keep you stay balanced with the developing technology. Artificial intelligence is everything that will be alive in the future and the future is here in 2019.

Integrating the technology and creating your application can make the target user group maintain an engagement exchange with the company. Whether you believe it or not, this will directly generate a huge opportunity for the marketers to make the customers stay engaged with the enterprise.

2019 is going to surprise enterprises in a shocking way that can either make you achieve the height from a lower position or take you to downwards from a high level. Artificial Intelligence is going to overcome the prevailing technologies this year and it can boost your business if done in the right way.


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