Instagram is one such social media platform that has gained popularity overnight. It has over one billion of a user every month. The best part about Instagram is the low level of competition but the more engaged audience at the same time. Other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter had a large user base but the less engaging audience. Here we can see How to set up shopping on Instagram.

The Instagram audience is more interested in the marketing strategies and thus is more targeted as compared to another audience base for the marketers. There are many reasons why Instagram has become the favorite platform for all the marketers here we see some tips How to set up shopping on Instagram

– Not much money is needed to spend in the market campaign on Instagram.
– Instagram API (Application Program Interface) allows marketers to post photos and videos on Instagram business profiles.
– One-to-one interaction with the customers makes it easier for the brands.

Shopping on Instagram started from the US but spread out of the US very quickly and became global very soon. According to a survey, each user on Instagram visits at least one business profile per day on an average. Hence, missing this number of direct customers in whose loss?

In the era of cloud backup and cloud security, online businesses are very profitable without any hefty investment. Cloud CDN makes it sure that none of your data may lose and thus no loss of customer. Keeping this in mind, Instagram is moving deeper and deeper into e-commerce. Sooner or later it will start giving competition to big e-commerce giants like Myntra, Jabong, Nykaa, etc. But is it so successful there are still many who have no idea about what is an Instagram shop? Let’s hear its definition from the maker itself


What is an Instagram shop?

“Instagram shop” or “Instagram shopping” is a feature that was created to enable e-commerce brands to make an immersive forefront store for people so that they get access to the best products with a single tap. To provide authenticity to the business owners on Instagram, it came up with an idea to differentiate normal Instagram accounts and a business account on Instagram. It was the most useful initiative by Instagram as it gave a feeling of security as getting assigned to a business account reduces the chances of falsifications and forgery.

Instagram shopping allows business account owners to tag up to five products per image or up to 20 products per carousel. The followers of that specific business account allow their followers just by some simple taps and can easily buy these products. The products are tagged on the pot along with proper information regarding its cost, quality, and standards. Thus, people who might feel that how can they trust products just by seeing it on the post, here is their answer to How to set up shopping on Instagram. They are equivalent to any other product on one of the e-commerce websites or even buying it from an offline shop.

Prerequisites to start business on Instagram

1. You must have the latest updated version of the Instagram application
2. Your Instagram account must be converted into a business Instagram account by selecting “Instagram Profile” while creation of your Instagram account.
3. You have to be admin of the Page or Business Manager account.
4. You must have a connected Facebook page.

5. You must also have a shop on Facebook or a product catalog within a Business Manager.
6. The account should comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commercial policies.


Steps to follow for setting up an Instagram shop-

1. First, you have to register your account to a business profile or you can also convert your existing Instagram profile into a business account.
2. Once you have created your business account then you make sure that you have linked your business profile with a Facebook catalog of products that can be managed by Business managers or through the shopping section of your Facebook’s business page.

For this, you have to follow these steps-

  • Go to the page settings
  • Click Edit page in the left column
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Add a tab
  • Click Add Tab next to the Shop tab, then click close.

3. Then comes the step of selling through the Shop section – For this go to the Business Manager account that is linked to the Facebook page. Then the hierarchy of the steps is – Settings>People and Assets >Product Catalogs? Add new Product catalog>Create a new product.
4. Once you are set up with all your account needs and policies, then you are good to worry about tagging posts on Instagram.

To enable product tagging the steps to follow are-

  • Tap the profile icon to go to your profile
  • Tap the “Get Started” alert at the top of your profile
  • If in any case, you are not able to see the alert then tab Settings cog icon
  • Tap Shopping
  • Tap Continue
  • Select the product that has to be sold and connect to your business profile.
  • Tap Done

But setting up an Instagram business account and tagging posts is not enough to run a successful Instagram shop. Like every other business, it requires some additional efforts. Some of them are like focusing on high-quality content and captions to constantly engage your audience, be a consistent brand by posting at regular intervals, Make efficient use of the influencers, promoting through Instagram ads, etc. All of this when effectively integrated can bring wondrous results. Till then “Happy Shopping”

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