Everybody loves using WordPress. How to promote your WordPress site It’s easy, intuitive, and one of the fastest—and cheapest—ways to build a quality website.


Building a website is only part of the job. You also have to do maintenance, create content, and promote your website.

We’d like to focus on promotion here. A website that gets no visitors isn’t very useful. The whole point is sharing your content with the rest of the internet.

It’s highly unlikely that users will stumble onto your website on their own. That’s why you must actively work on promotion.

Here’s the good news:

WordPress’ users are lucky because they have an array of tools to help them out with promotion.

We’ll cover the most useful practices in advertising your site. And as a bonus, we’ll mention some tools that might come in handy along the way.

Focus on SEO

Search engines—primarily Google—are the biggest driver of internet traffic. How to promote your WordPress site That’s why you want your site to appear high on the list of search results. The better your rankings,  How to promote your WordPress site the more users will find your website.

This is what search engine optimization is all about. Good SEO practices let Google and other search engines know what your page is a valid search result. Google can then lead interested users to your website.

How to promote your WordPress site Luckily, WordPress takes care of 90% of technical SEO on its own. You don’t have to bother with the details. Apart from that, you should find a good SEO plugin. It can help with the remaining 10% as well as with on-page SEO.

Additionally, you should run a speed optimization plugin. Why? Because website speed is a big part of SEO. Also, pick a responsive theme for your website. Combine these with quality content, and your website will get new visitors in no time.

Use Social Networks

There are well over 2 billion social network users worldwide. Aside from Google and YouTube, social networks are among the most powerful online entities out there.

You can probably guess where this is going. You should use social networks like Facebook and Instagram to promote your site.

There are many ways to use social media for promotion. Possibly the simplest – and most definitely the cheapest one – is to let users do it for you.

Here’s the thing:

It’s as simple as including a social share button under your posts. Install a social share plugin like Shared Counts, and you can pick which social share buttons show up under your posts.


Enable social sharing for all relevant social networks, and visitors will be able to share your site with their friends at the click of a button. Their friends can then share it with their friends and so on. Before you know it, you’ll have an established audience.

Build an Email List

Speaking of audiences, you have to find a way to get users who have already visited your site to come back for more content. The email list is the undisputed king here. Even though 42% of bloggers don’t utilize this opportunity it is a great audience-engaging strategy.

The goal is to collect contact information from users who are already interested in your content. You typically do this by inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. Then, as your email list grows, you can use the newsletter to keep them updated about new content. This creates a loyal following of users that can translate into a steady source of traffic to your website.

All you need is a mailing list plugin, and you can get started. You can place the opt-in form somewhere unobstructed, or you can use pop-ups to get users’ attention. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a steadier traffic flow in no time.


These are the basics of promoting your WordPress site.


There is a lot more to getting users to look at your content. Still, this is a good place to start. As long as you do the things we’ve mentioned, you’re sure to attract more users.

And if you’d like to know more about how WordPress works, take a look at the graphic below. It covers some of the most important aspects of WordPress.