Mac offers various built-in utilities and functions to help you optimize your system performance. In addition to that, you can also try third-party Mac cleaner tools to speed up Mac performance. Let’s discuss more about how you can do that?


How to optimize Mac performance?
Close Unnecessary Apps

Close Unnecessary Apps

The first thing you should do to optimize the functioning of your Mac is to free up system storage by closing down unnecessary apps. You may find it a very basic step, but each app that is open on your Mac is consuming system resources. Thus, having unnecessary apps open isn’t suggested. To instantly close unnecessary apps, you can check the apps that are open from the dock (apps with a dot underneath). Once you have identified the open apps simply close them to free up valuable system resources and optimize Mac speed. If you are unable to see dot underneath the open apps, open System Preferences > select Dock > select “Show indicator lights for open applications”. Now you will be able to see apps that are open with a dot underneath it.

Use Activity Monitor to identify memory hogs

Activity Monitor is a useful addition to Mac. It displays all resource-hungry programs and services on your system. Here, you can find all resource-hungry apps and immediately close them to recover disk space. To see which apps are consuming system resources, open the Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder. Alternatively, press CMD + space bar and type ‘Activity’ and press Enter to open it from there. Once you have Activity Monitor open, you can see different tabs including CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network usage. If your system is running slow, then first you should give attention to the CPU section. It displays all the processes that are consuming a lot of resources. To close any of these memory hogs simply select the app with the mouse and click the X icon in the left-hand corner of the Activity Monitor.


Manage Startup Items

If you find your system is taking more than expected time to boot, then there are chances it is running a lot of programs unnecessarily. These unnecessary startup items not only make your boot process slow, but it also affects your overall system performance negatively. You can use built-in feature or Mac to manage and disable unnecessary startup items. To do this, go to System Preferences and select Users & Groups. Now select the Username. Next is to click on Login Items to find programs that you don’t want to run. Once selected, click the “-“ button below to remove them from the startup items list. This quick process will help you boost overall system performance immediately. You can reboot your Mac to see the changes.


Turn off visual effects

Various Visual effects on your Mac may help you increase the aesthetics of your system, but it consumes a lot of system resources. Thus, it makes your system run slow and affects overall system performance negatively. If you think speed is what you are looking for, then you may need to compromise on the aesthetics of your system. Here, you can turn off certain visual effects to optimize the functioning of your Mac. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select System Preferences > Dock.
  • Here, you need to untick certain boxes including Animate opening applications, Automatically hide and show the Dock.
  • From Minimize Windows Using option change Genie Effect to Scale Effect.

Delete browser add-ons

If you trust on add-ons and extensions to perform numerous tasks while browsing, then it’s time to get rid of them. As these browser add-ons reduce browser speed affecting overall performance negatively, it’s suggested to remove all unnecessary ones to optimize Mac performance. To remove browser extensions in the Safari browser, go to the top menu and select Safari Extensions. In Chrome, tap on the three-dot icon at the upper right corner and select More tools > Extensions. In Firefox, click the hamburger icon at the top right and select Add-ons to disable them.

Use Best Mac Cleaner Software

The next best solution to clean and optimize your Mac performance is to use the best Mac cleaner tools. These smart solutions work on advanced algorithms to help you boost overall system performance significantly. Let’s discuss some of these Mac cleaning software here.

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is a perfect Mac cleaning and optimization tool. This all-in-one-tool helps your system health and performance intact. Furthermore, it also removes infections and unwanted junk to keep your system secure. It offers three major cleaning modules for complete cleaning and security. It includes:

Malware Scan

Under this cleaning module, the software will deep scan your system storage to find & remove all infections for better security. Thus, it eliminates unwanted system crashes and abnormal functioning.


Junk Scan

This cleaning module of the software helps you find and clean all junk on your Mac. During the process, it removes cache files, temp files, trash items, log files, and other junk data.


Privacy Scan

Under a privacy scan, it scans all your installed browsers to remove internet history, cookies, and app cache. It is useful to keep your online activities secure while keeping your privacy intact.
In other features, it helps you remove failed downloads, unnecessary login items, find & remove duplicate files, uninstall unnecessary apps & programs, and more.


Disk Clean Pro

The next best Mac cleaner tool is Disk Clean Pro. It offers effective ways to clean your Mac. Using this Mac storage cleaner, you can remove all junk and optimize Mac for better performance. Working on smart algorithms, it helps you remove all redundant files securely and ensures your important data remain secure. It offers four special tools to automat cleaning. It offers features like one-click care, junk cleaner, logs cleaner, crash reports, and partial downloads to help you recover GBs of disk space effortlessly. Additionally, it helps you clean duplicate files, old & unused files, obsolete large files, old downloads, and more. With its Internet privacy protector, you can remove traces of Internet browsing history to keep online activities secure.


CleanMyMac X

The last in the list of best Mac cleaner tools in CleanMyMac X. This all-in-one package helps you boost your system performance significantly. It not only works as an advance Mac cleaner, but it also works as a malware remover tool to keep your system secure against various threats. During the process, it deep scans your system storage to find & remove junk even from the remotest corners of Mac storage. It offers one-click cleaning & optimization to save time.
So, this was a quick review of the best ways to optimize the functioning of your Mac following a few simple steps. Do try them to speed up your Mac performance and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

Summary: – Mac offers various built-in utilities and functions to help you optimize your system performance. In addition to that, you can also try third-party Mac cleaner tools to speed up Mac performance.