Everyone who wants to freelance has the question that, where to start?

So in this post you learn the step by step process of How to bid freelance ?

If you’re looking for freelance work, first of all, you need to know the requirement of the client.

After getting complete detail about the project you may consider that this is the simplest work for me. But the main question is how to get this job? How to convince the client?

The bid is the way to describe you in front of the client, what you? What you have? What you can achieve for the client? Why you’re the one to whom the client can hire for his / her work?

Your bid proposal allows you to highlight your background, express yourself and show that you are capable of doing the job or project with accuracy and within the deadline.

A great proposal will make you look more legitimate, authoritative like you know exactly what you’re doing and you have quality systems in place. When you look more legitimate, your clients will trust you more.

You should never be arrogant about your potential/abilities, or never seem needy in your wording. A perfect bid cover letter is always helpful, confident and to the point.

Step to bid effectively:

  • Read the client’s requirement carefully
  • Bid as per need (Do not use scripted bid proposal every time)
  • Bid reasonable (Not too low as well as too high)
  • Highlight your years of experience (if any).
  • Showcase your previous project portfolio (if any)
  • Use a straightforward bid cover letter to get attention

The fact you need to consider while writing your proposal

  • The proposal must look more professional
  • The proposal must reflect that you’ll be able to land higher-paying clients
  • The proposal more likely to be accepted

Never forgot Communication is key.

Once you submit a project, be open to feedback & be willing to revise and make changes to it if the employer wants something different.

“There will be many very skilled freelancers going after the kinds of jobs that you are attracted to doing. The big difference you can have is an insight into what they want from you and how you are perfect to do the work.”

You can get your cover letter under 300 – 350 words and manage to leave your audience required more.

Bonus :

There are some freelancing websites like freelancer and upwork, which are helpful for freelancers to get projects.

I hope these tips will help to make your bid stand out from the freelance competition.