is the best URL Shortener for earnings and it’s the easiest way to make money online Its is the best platform for earn money from short links.


I know this above question comes in your mind after reading 1st two-line, So let me give you a whole idea about and how you can make a regular income source?

I use many URL Shortener to share my blog long URLs on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many more. But after trying many I will be faced with As a newbie to this, I learn a lot about it and get impressed with, results for others & feel like to give one chance to it, so I tried it on my one of small niche Blogspot blog (Free). After 2 months of duration, I was completely astonished !!!! In 60 days time span, I earned $189, which till I didn’t earn on this blog (I just need to admit this).

Now after my such a fabulous experience with in short duration, I decided to share how you too can earn with by just shortening & sharing links? So let’s start with it….

What is is the best link shortening service. By creating shorten links and sharing it on social media or websites or blog you can earn money. offers an easy to use simple user-friendly interface which helps to shorten links for various blogs and videos. It’s a simple philosophy of that a shorten links with and make visits through your link & get paid easily.

One thing I want to clear here, doesn’t pay as like Google Adsense or Chitika. As in it’s not mandatory to click on an ad to earn just a 5-second view is enough.

Features of

  • No need to wait for the approval
  • High converting ads
  • Highly Paid
  • High CPM ads
  • Wide range of plugins
  • User-friendly interface
  • Referral System for extra income
  • Real-time statistics for earning transference
  • Best Customer Support
  • On-Time Payment

How To Start with

To start with is very simple, if you are willing to earn from it then just follow below’s steps which will not take more than 5 minutes to start using this money machine.

Step 1: Registration

You have two choices for registration for your convenience like you can click on the JOIN tab which will redirect you to a registration form. Here you can register with this registration form or you have another choice of register with Facebook (Currently disable). Kindly find this in the below screenshot. Register Register Option

Step 2: Confirmation

Once you are done with a registration process, you will get an email confirmation link on your registered mail id. Now to get started with you have to click on the activation link in an mail. Email Confirmation

Bingo you made it. It’s that simple.

Now you’re all ready to use this and start earning through it.

Step 3: Start Shrinking, Sharing & Earning

Now as you have done with email confirmation so you can log in and access your dashboard to Shrink your links and share those on all possible platforms (On Website or Blog & blog comment, Social Media, Forum or in email) to start earning money.

This is it. You done With Registration!!!

How work to earn money?

On the dashboard, you have many options to shorten your link with the help of available tools, Stay with the same article further we have brief introductions about all these tools.

Check out the small example of link shorten below How It Work?

Now the short links are available so you need to copy & share that on all possible platforms where you will get visitors to click on those short links like social media profiles.

Here the game begins once visitors click on your short link they will redirect to the ad page for just 5-second, once 5 seconds over they will see SKIP THIS AD BUTTON after a click on that visitors get redirected to the original page content of that link. This will help to make money for you.

Check out this in real-time

Awesome TOOLS by Shorte.St

It offers a wide range of monetization tools to help you to earn money as well as them. These varieties of tools are designed for different needs & purposes. Let’s check out the tools one by one. Tools


Everyone can use this shortest way to shorten links with to use this tool you need to copy your destination address with an API token which you will get once successfully login. To learn more about it click here.


This one is for a developer so as a developer cum user or blogger just leave this one but if you want to use kindly refer to this link.


If you have the best command on social media then this will help a lot as it offers you social media share buttons and the visitors go through those links will earn for you. It’s the easiest way to monetize your website /blog with social media sharing. More the sharing through these buttons the more earning. So you just need to use their social media share widget. To learn more about it click here.


This tool is the best option when you have multiple links / URLs to shrink. This tool allows shrinking 20 URLs at a time. This way you will save more time Compare to one by one shrinking. To learn more click here


This one is intentionally made for WordPress website or blog owner. A WordPress plugin is the simplest way to monetize the WordPress blog or website.

Download this from here

EARN ON BLOGSPOT COMMENTS offers comment monetizer for blog owners, it provides you a user-friendly way to earn using your posts comments. Using the provided script placed as per guided simply turns the links from Blogspots comments into income.

Check out more about BLOGSPOT COMMENTS TOOL


This one is designed for specially TWITTERFEED.COM users or for those who are planning to use TWITTERFEED.COM. This can be easily get integrated with the mentioned guidelines.


This tool has built for DLVR.IT users and it too even can get integrated easily. One integration of this content is gets published using a short link enable & this way you can monetize each of your shares.

Learn more about it here

How much money can I make?

Compared to all link shortener,, rates are the best rates for its users. The standard rate of payout is calculated as per 1000 views. is paying from Serbia $0,47 to the United States $13,79 per 1000 views. Their rate also varies from one country to another country. If you’re getting much traffic from English speaking countries like the USA, UK or Australia, then you will earn extra commission than normal ones. Its payout rates are updated on a daily basis as per the advertiser’s demands across the globe. If you want to earn more than this then you can use the referral program for more extra income.

Referral System of

A referral system is also the best option do earn without investing much effort as pay 20% commissions on your successful referrals throughout lifetime income. This means that will every time pay you 20% of the amount earned by the users registered by your link. For example, if they earn $50, you will get $10 just because you invited that user.

Rates of Shorte.St

As I mentioned earlier in this article the payment payout rate varies on a regular basis as per the advertiser’s demands across the globe. But still, the countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia get paid in between $6 to $14 / 1000 pageviews. Get to know about more Payout Rates here.

Payout Methods Shorte.St

Payment gets paid automatically on every month 10th and the minimum withdrawal is start from $5 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer &  $5 for WebMoney (this is only when your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 + for the previous month).

Several Ways To Earn From

Now you have joined the program & understand how it worked. But the questions occur here is how to utilize? How to get as much as earning out of it?

Don’t worry as I’m having a good experience with it, so I’m going to share some techniques/strategies which work for me & for you too to make decent earning out of it.

Share Facebook Images Links
Everyone knows images with inspiring quotes, messages, funny event and many more get shared on Facebook. So your task is to get those viral images links, shorten it with & share on Facebook Group with huge member count, on your timeline & with your friend by tagging. This will help you to get more links & more links == more $. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Share YouTube Video Links

Like Images on Facebook, nowadays because of auto-play video feature videos get share like viral content and this will be a great choice to go with to make more money out of this. Here your task is to get more funny, horror & interesting video from any video platform like Youtube & Dailymotion shorten their link with and share them on Facebook Group & Timeline.
Share Blog or website links
In the online world, there is a huge amount of crowed available to stay updated with news in their interested categories. So if you manage to shorten links of those blogs or websites which are publishing trending news & share, then you can earn a huge amount through it.
Share on Twitter
If you have a twitter profile with a huge count of a follower then your chances to earn more get increase by just sharing shorten links through Twitter is the most active social media platform in the internet world.
Blog Post Links
Blog post links also one of the ways to earn through as many nowadays sharing free stuff with shortening links from And this one is an effective way because of getting free stuff Visitors will click on your shorten link & also wait for 5 seconds to get that stuff download. You do this on your website too even.
Share links on forums

As everyone for sure will be aware of a forum ( If not then check What is internet forum? ), On forum instant result you can get but one most interesting fact is like many forum not allow to share links but some are there which allow. So search for those which allow links to share & earn.

Last but not the least Ask your Friends:
Do ask your friends to follow the links on your website/blog or on social media.
This is the simplest & effective way to monetize your blog or website or we can say this is the best simplest way to earn money. So I don’t know what are you waiting for? Just click on the below image to start taking the experience of tool to make money that too even just by sharing links.

I will wait for thought about it. If you have any questions? Kindly share the comments.

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