How To Hire And Find Freelancers For Your Startup? Hiring freelancers for your startup is a challenge. Here we give you in detail about Hiring freelancers.

The core of a startup is an unrevised business idea. This is why it is critical to keep control of a budget because no one knows whether the idea hits the spot or not. There are very precise limited means for a project in different stages before a company gets investments, it applies funds of the founders, after the first and all the rest rounds, – it applies to investors. It is important to be flexible and not to be afraid to take a risk, which is why workers who strive for job stability and employee benefits do not fit in a startup. In this situation, over-staffing, can the last thing one be affording? The decision is unavoidably obvious: freelancers.

When a company gains pace every week, there is simply no time to post a job, to look through hundreds of resumes, tests and job interviews. Everything becomes complicated also since many startup’s tasks are once-daily: to draw a business card or a logotype, to write a review, to code a landing, to make an agreement with printing office, to find an office space. To hire a and find freelancers for every task under the conditions of a limited budget is impossible but is not necessary.

Hire And Find Freelancers For Your Startup?

Staff vs. freelance from the perspective of simplicity and promptitude of hiring

Over the years of a remote worker’s development, freelancers learned to motivate themselves and less of «childish diseases» happen: delays and disappearances. This is why it became simpler for a startup to hire freelancers, and the result of their work cost a company more often than not cheaper at comparable quality.

— Freelancers are clearly differentiated in the field of specialization.

It is seen in the profile what kind of a specialist is in front of you and what achievements she/he has.

There are many non-specialists and people ready to do any kind of work but most of the freelancers are still successful professionals in one or several related sectors.

— It is easier to choose a suitable freelancer than a corporate employee.
The feedbacks and a portfolio are in the public eye, and a basic opinion about the adequacy of a person can be formed in accordance with a service description.
— All the negotiations happen online.

When you have found a suitable specialist, you may discuss all the details with him or her at once and to go about work literary the next day. There are no seven rounds of interviews and a ream of paper for official employment.

From the perspective of hiring, choosing a suitable freelancer goes hugely faster than and consumes fewer resources, which is why you most likely will not need a corporate HR.

Speed is of fundamental importance for a startup too: one can always make a deal with a freelancer in the shortest time. For example, a freelancer can do a task for 20 working hours during 1–15 days from the time it was given, but not during 3–4 working days, as in the case with corporate employees. One should only make a deal as for an increased honorary for the short notice and clear control of quality. In view of the fact that a freelancer works by the piece and gets a salary at the end of a project, it is better and more profitable for him/her to do a big volume of a task fast and to get a reward.

Other peculiarities and advantages of work with freelancers

— Responsibilities per project.

You do not take upon yourself long-term commitments. Deal with a freelancer per one project, s/he gets it done, you pay. If you like everything, you already know whom to apply to next time. In case you do not like, there is plenty of fish in the sea.

To hire and find freelancers corporate employee, there is always a chance that a candidate, who is cool in a resume but not as cool on a job interview, will turn out to be not that cool at all when it comes to working. You have already spent many resources for hiring and in most cases, you will not be able to fire him/her within one day. It is double damage. It is an unattainable luxury under the conditions of always burning tasks and a limited budget.

Oftentimes, a corporate employee does not understand the peculiarities and sense of the tasks right away, cannot fit in a working regime and it is not that easy to fire him/her again because of the nature of law besides there is usually no time for search of a new specialist.

— Payment as a result.

To hire and find freelancers gets paid for a result but not time s/he spent doing a task with all the associated meme viewing. Chatting with friends and smoke breaks. If no result, money pleasantly remains on your account. On the other hand, if a young company runs out of money all of a sudden, which happens, there is no need to worry about people who get salaries.

— Minimum of bureaucracy.
Even if a freelancer works officially, cooperation with him or her is a matter of three signatures and seals and one payment document. If non-officially, it takes a few minutes to pay from a card. You will use less paper then at official hiring.
— Fewer risks.
You do not have responsibility for medical leaves, leaves after childbirth, holidays, sudden disappearance in the middle of a working week and other corporate employees suffer from.

Tasks for outsourcing

Everything but strategy and a startup operational management can be delegated. More often than not freelancers are required for the solution of creative, narrow and routine tasks.

  • Text writing and editing for a website, blog, mass media.
  • Decoding of audio and video records in a text.
  • Setting up, launching and management of search advertising.
  • SEO and SMM.
  • Advertising and marketing copywriting.
  • Design and coding anything at all.
  • Gathering information about competitors.
  • Making presentations, video and audio clips.
  • Programming and other IT-services.
  • Accounting and legal services for a startup.

You can outsource any task or issue: beginning with studying a niche and market and ending with lead generation and customer engagement.

You can hire and find freelancers for both a task on a turnkey basis and consultation with corporate employees, a performance of an audit and valuation of decisions.

A budget, finances, taxes

The most interesting is that freelancers are cheaper not at hiring only but also in the process of work.

A freelancer pays taxes by him (her) self. You pay a freelancer an agreed honorary, and as for payments and charges, she/he gets them done on one’s own. It is profitable for a startup because working with corporate employees paying, let us say, 100 dollars of the salary, a company needs to recount 42 dollars as taxes.

Working with a freelancer, an accountant needs to pay one account only, the sum of which in most cases can be matched out of taxable income, if it, of course, is there.

A minimum of bureaucracy, high work speed, and no taxes add up to a very serious advantage, a result of a freelancer’s work at comparable or better costs a startup cheaper. It is especially on a front burner if to take the fact into account that if a part of the working time of any corporate employee falls within dead time or solution of un-targeted issues but a company pays for this time although as a result, it is not converted anyhow.

A high fidelity of budgeting is a freelancer in a fixed sum estimates a solution to any task. You know it before you start cooperating. It means that you can calculate with a big accuracy a total cost and budget for the solution of a task at hand. It is a great plus when you need to keep control of money all the time and to report to co-founders or investors for every dollar spent.

Working through the freelancer marketplace, you can facilitate payment by bank transfer completely officially and receive a package of all required closing documents.


The main result and advantage of work with freelancers are an accomplishment of a task on time and with minimum expense.

Other advantages such as no bureaucracy, high rate negotiation, the simplicity of hiring are deposited on pleasant but not defining bonuses.

Freelancers can effectively delegate many tasks, however, keep in mind that at all the simplicity of collaboration let alone any contractors or corporate employees, freelancers are to be kept control of constantly.

It is another story, as they say.