Graphic Design has become a prominent communication tool for business marketing and other industries. The professional use of graphic design types has expanded to a level where industries cannot even imagine functioning without it. The reason that makes graphic design so popularly these days is based on two main factors largely; tech advancement and basic human nature.

Graphics Design Types

Graphic design type the first point that makes graphic design a highly preferred tool nowadays is the ever-increasing technological impact on the design industry. Technological advancement has made it possible for designers to work much more efficiently compared to the older times. Designers can easily work on complex design projects with the help of tools that are capable of functioning at a very high pace. Both the time consumption along with the input in the form of efforts has reduced compared to the older times. A design that took days for completion in the past can be completed within hours with present design technologies.

The second factor technically comes before the first one because this is based on human nature that always had this utter fondness for engaging visuals. Looking at things that are aesthetically appealing or exciting in general never fails to attract human eyes and grab the attention for long. Be it marketing or any other interactive profession? Visual representations have always been more powerful than information presented as plain text.

Visual content is not only fascinating but also more convenient to understand. Scientific researches have proved that human brains process pictographic content at a much higher speed compared to the textual content. A research says that information presented in the image format is grasped 60,000 times faster than the information presented in text format. With all of this being said, the extended usage of graphic designing in marketing makes complete sense.

The significance of visual content and the invention of the latest design tools have necessitated businesses to use graphic designing. This blog is presenting the businesses with all the important information about graphic designing that they need to formulate a perfect visual experience and influential brand image for their potential customers. Beginning with the basic definition, we will be discussing all the major types of graphic designing that can contribute to the visual marketing strategy of a business.

A Formal Definition of Graphic Design to clarify its Function in Marketing!

When used as a marketing tool, graphic designing conveys the business messages to the audience through visual forms. It delivers complex ideas in folds with visual cues and typographic design trends to make them more compelling. The digital, as well as conventional marketing, rely on graphic designing types for the creation of exciting content. The tool is used in a number of different fields related to business marketing and has a diversified scope, enhancing the functionality of visual platforms that a business uses for communicating with its potential audience.

Increased use and the ever-growing demand for unique and individualistic designs have contributed well to motivate designers for coming up with trendy styles and new design techniques. There are mainly 8 graphic design types that business marketers should be familiar with. All these types are excellent communication tools and have a solid impact on the audience. Knowing about them can help a business add more interactive elements along with the brand value in its marketing strategy. Here is an overview of all the eight types of graphic designing for the readers who want to implement them for enhanced productivity and quality outcome.

Types of Graphic Design

1.Graphics Designing for Product Packaging

Various products need protective packaging to keep them safe during the procedure of distribution and sales. Now the packaging that they have does not only keep them safe but also fight off the competition by communicating effectively with the potential buyers. The packages of products go through a long process of printing and packaging, and a designer has to keep all of this in their mind while designing. Moreover, graphic designers who work in this area of design have to possess a good knowledge of manufacturing and industrial design. This graphic design types demands technical as well as creating efficiencies to be effective.

2. Graphic Designing for User Interface

Use of graphic designing on digital platforms such as mobile applications, websites, and games is one of the common uses of graphic designing. These graphic design types revolve around convenient interface design for different on-screen platforms. The designers who specialize in this area of graphic designing have to come up with ways that will comply well with the technicalities of the backend programming and the demands of the external interface as well. The job requires an excellent grip over the techniques of graphic designing including color theories, visual cues, and typography. Moreover, an extensive understanding of the audience’s mindset is also crucial.

3. Graphics Designing for Advertising and Marketing
Graphic designing done for advertising purposes for different digital and non-digital platforms is also a dominant type. Companies use graphic designs to mold the buying decisions of their potential customers. Marketers tend to engage the audience with graphic designing for better product understanding and enhanced brand familiarity. Marketing designers centralize the business goals of the companies and design according to marketing demands. They built their designing approach to meet the objectives of the company’s marketing strategy. This type of graphic design is also influenced by the medium on which the design is to be displayed. That is, the design techniques for a magazine ad are different from the design techniques for newspaper ads or digital ads.
4. Graphic Designing for Brand Identity
Graphic design comes handily when it comes to the development of a brand identity. The brand identity is the business persona or the set of core values of a business. Conveying this to the audience in an effective manner is essential for the establishment of a brand. An impressive brand identity can impact business growth directly by influencing the major functional spheres such as sales, organic website traffic, conversion rate, and customer loyalty. Graphic designing can be used for creating 90% of elements that are required to be created for nourishing a visual identity of a brand. The designer has to possess proficient mastery over the company’s marketing dynamics along with keen awareness of the attributes of the targeted audience in order to deliver excellence in this field.
5. Motion Graphics for Varied Platforms

Motion Graphics is a graphic designing technology that is the most simplistic yet, one of the most efficient. In this type of Graphic design, a designer has to make a piece of information interesting for the audience by making it appear in motion. Many professionals from a video animation company that works specifically for business marketing to filmmakers use motion graphics to add spice to their content. The use of motion graphics has skyrocketed with the latest rise in the popularity of videos and GIFs on different platforms. This is a quick graphic designing style that almost all the digital platforms use for various projects and themes. Some examples of motion graphics used in marketing are as follows: animated logos, ads in apps, banners, video intros, and so on.

6. Environmental Graphic Design
As the name suggests, this type of graphic design includes mediums of communication that function mostly in the open air. It includes store interiors, public transportation, signage, event spaces, office interior, and other similar mediums. This type of graphic design comprises multiple disciplines, and thus, it is recognized as a multidisciplinary practice. It involves architectural insights, graffiti art, brand knowledge, design sense, and a lot of creativity to be an environmental graphic designer. A designer has to work tirelessly at multiple frontiers to execute this type of graphic designing a project successfully.
7. Artistic Graphic Design
This type of graphic design is exclusively focused on artworks. It functions for developing artistic concepts and techniques that would represent businesses in a variety of ground with original artworks. They are used for textile printing, T-shirt designs, comic books, video games, infographics, concept art, illustrations, and many other projects. Graphic artists who are capable of working on projects involving this type of graphic design are highly skilled and have exceptional expertise.

8. Graphic Designing for Publications

Publications also need graphic designers to work with them for designing book covers, magazine covers, images, and typographies. Publications that use graphic designing can be digital as well as paperback. The designers who work on this type of graphic design have to create layouts, edit pictures, develop characters, and design typographies, and so on. The work demands great carefulness as well as exceptional design sense and creativity. Some examples of the publication graphic designing include directories, magazines, newsletters, books, catalogs, newspapers, and so on. These projects require expertise in the areas of theme design, color theory, awareness of printing procedures, and digital print designing.