What is Google Trend ?

  • Google first launched Google Trends in 2006.
  • The latest version of Google Trends was released in May of 2018.
  • Google Trends is powerful and this is a free tool from Google
  • That provides data and graphs on the popularity of limited searches in Google and YouTube.
  • Market research tool expand by Google that lets you see what people are searching for online, and what topics, products or brands are ongoing trending.

How Does It Work?

Google Trends analyze a part of Google web searches to determine how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. Google then shows you a graph with the outcome – Search Volume Index graph.

Benefits of Google Trends

  • The Power of Visual Presentation:

One of the major differences in regards to Google Trends SEO is that you will not see “static” and collective information, but rather how popular the term has been over the past few years. We can think of this as the “Development” of a keyword or key phrase. As all of this data is provided to you in an readable graphical format, you can speedily determine which terms are getting the most hits and which ones have faded off of the radar.

  • Interactivity is Key:

This are restored by colour graphs, bar charts and even interactive maps which will show you the countries that employ a certain term the most. As against to statistical and percentages, you can enjoy a real “visual” feel. What may have taken you a substantial deal of time to interpret can now be understood in a matter of seconds.

  • Relative Popularity:

Another interesting fundamental in Google Trends SEO is that you are able to see specific popularity of a term extra. By knowing which are the most popular during a relative time frame, you will be able to greater increase your exposure within the search engine. More targeted keywords naturally identify to a greater number of inbound hits to your website.

  • Knowing Your Competitors:

Another attribute of Google Trends is that you will be able to view the popularity of your contestant extra. Google Trends gives you the clarity and the insight that are both compulsory to understand how you stack up in comparison to others within your marketplace. In this past, this would have been complete time consuming while the results would be intuitive at best. If you are interested in expand a greater understanding of your audience and contestant, Google Trends is an superb tool to employ

  • How to Use Google Trends for SEO Are you using Google Trends to obtain your competitive edge? Learn 12 tips for how you can use Google Trends for  SEO.

    1.Keyword Research

    2.Finding Related Keywords

    3.Discover Related Topics

    4.Start Big & Whittle Down

    5.Context is the Key

    6.Get More Advanced with Specific Search Options

    7.Target by Location

    8.Trend Predictions

    9.Use Long-Tail Key Phrases to Inspire Content

    10.Use Data for Video Optimization

    11.Use Cyclical Trends for Brand Positioning

    12.Identify Blind Spots & Don’t Misread the Trends

  1. What is Keyword research ?

    Keyword Research Is One Of The Most Necessary, High Return On Going Activity In The Search Advertising Era. It Is The Process Of Finding What Keywords Are User By User For Making A Search Of Specific Information.

  2. How do I Finding Related Keywords

    A very easy way to find related keywords is using Google search. Search for your primary keyword and scroll down to notice the “searches related to” your term. Google provides this recovery of results to guide users to search phrases that will help them get closer to the information that they desire.

  3. Discover Related Topics

    In adding to using Google Trends to discover related search terms, you can also use it to uncover related topics for upcoming content. In the table to the left of Related Queries, there’s different table called Related Topics.

  4. Start Big & Whittle Down

    An approximate 6.3 billion searches per day and approximately 2.3 trillion global searches per year. The newest dashboard of Trends is simpler and it permits you to explore various thing before narrowing down. To start big is a considerable way, start by go in for a big time search term for the topic and then press ENTER. There Google Trends will invite you to breakdown your search in some particular ways i.e. by the geographical area, by the time collection, by the specific category and by the search type. This will enable you to enlarge SEO by targeting a spacious Region.

  5. Context is Key

    Google Trends work in a associate to manner and today’s results are not differentiate with overall popularity of all trends rather it differentiate with the previous heights of the previous keywords you entered. Therefore you should never disregard the context and try to keep away from your personal blind spots to Increase SEO.

  6. Get More Up to date with particular Search OptionsYou can get up to date insights using options like:

    Image Search

    Web Search

    News Search

    Google Shopping

    YouTube Search


  7. How does Google know what location users are in to target ?

    The most people using Google Trends focus on the Keywords particularly, but to get superior and more applicable results you must include the location into the mix. You need to focus on the particular regions and sub-regions.


  8. How are trends predicted?

    Today it has become the simple thing to log on to Google and find out the trends which earlier leave a trail, but this is not very useful as the majority of the marketers are using the the very same data. If you want to have some additional insights, you should try to use accessible data to predict trends. You need to recognize the potential trends by filtering them as stated by to specific category and country.


  9. How do you use long tail keywords in content?

    It may be hard to rank excessive on the SERPs with the keyword SEO Company, but there is no reason you cannot come on the top with the long trail difference of the same phrase.


  10. What is video data optimization?

    Let’s say you have posted a video of how to get more phone calls from some website restructure techniques, then you can handle from web to YouTube search, and you will be in a superior position to write more applicable titles for your posts and in the long run this will upgrade the chances to capture more YouTube traffic related to that specific topic.


  11. Use Cyclical Trends for Brand Positioning

    Let’s say you are improve an SEO Company then a few searches will disclose that SEO doesn’t compete with Event Management Company. So with some earlier on discussed procedure you can determine some additional keywords to placement your future posts to handle the return of every cyclical trends.


  12. Identify Blind Spots & Don’t Misread the Trends

    With the Up to date use of Google Trends you have gone a step behind or two anyway you think your present insight is to determine if you have any blind spots. For example : Don’t ever trust a one snapshot. Always get a wide view of a timeline to see what else is happening.

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