Tips Get More Exposure for Blog in 2017 | we here come up with proven tips to get more exposure for your blog. How To Promote Your Blog in 2017?
Traffic to a blog seems to be the biggest focus for some bloggers. Sometimes you need to step away from that focus to actually achieve the results you want. Gaining exposure to a blog is very important because you want to reach as many people as possible. Eventually, the traffic to your blog will increase, but for now, let’s focus on the exposure you need. How do you achieve this? Well. Here are some amazing tips you can apply today!

Tips Get More Exposure for Blog in 2017 {proven Tips}

Guest blogging

If you are able to guest the blog to one of the leading websites in your niche, you will definitely gain more visitors. There was a short period where guest blogging took a bit of a back seat until everyone came to their senses. Usually, guest posts are unpaid, but you can ask for a link back to your blog. All the readers and audience of the popular blog will then see your blog link. If your guest post is great, there is a high possibility that they might want to see more of your writing and click that link. This is a wonderful opportunity you should not miss out on.

High-quality content

There is no way to get away from high-quality content. Doing all the right things might get you so far, but without quality content, you still will not get very far. Content is king and there is no other way to do it. Make sure you post regularly as well because if your blog is inactive, you might realize with time that your traffic numbers are going down. Always keep at the back of your mind that there are some great bloggers out there competing for as many visitors in your niche. Find a website for paraphrasing your work to ensure you are clear of any plagiarism. An online paraphrasing tool is always worth investing your time in.

Social media presence

There is a reason why social media is so popular. You are able to build awareness about your products or even just good content. Grow your followers on these platforms to gain more traffic. If you post a good teaser about an article, you are working on, it is probable that you will get some clicks and therefore gain more traffic. Build relationships with your followers by offering good and informative posts. Once you build that relationship of trust, it is more likely to have them returning for more. Don’t over market your products or your blog by constantly posting about it. Offer something personal to your audience to get their attention. After a while, they will know your products or services without you mentioning it. Use a text paraphrase on your posts to make sure they are free of any copyright.

Email newsletter

Build a personal relationship with your audience by having them subscribe to your email list. This way, you can send a newsletter to your audience separate from your blog posts. Of course, they will receive updates on new blog posts, but there is also something extra just for your email subscribers. It almost serves as a reminder to check the blog. There are a lot of blogs out there, and it is easy to forget about ones you really enjoyed. When your readers receive an email regularly, it helps with this type of forgetfulness. Don’t let your readers forget about your blog because you want as many of them to come back as possible.


Exposure for your blog is obviously very important because it is attached to gaining more traffic. As bloggers, we all want more traffic because it is what sets our blogs apart from the rest. It is hard work to try and grow your blog these days because of the amount of competition out there. Don’t get psyched out by it though, as there is always room for another blogging success story. Be your authentic self and work hard towards gaining that success. What methods are you using to grow your blog exposure this year?


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