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Note: This Guide is For Those Who Start Using Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics Update

Congratulations on getting Facebook Analytics up and running for your business. You’re joining over 1 million apps, websites, and bots that have used Facebook Analytics to measure, understand, and optimize their customer journey.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk you through the basics of Facebook Analytics, and share top tips on getting the most from the powerful analytics solution. During your first week, make sure to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the dashboard – Your dashboard is the starting point for viewing analytics on how your business is performing, and changes and insights that can help inform growth opportunities. Makes sure to check it regularly. Visit your dashboard
  • Make sure you’re successfully logging the events you care about – From your Facebook Analytics dashboard, navigate to Activity > Event Debugging in the left-hand navigation to view the last 20 events logged within 24 hours so you can verify you’ve implemented everything successfully. Learn more
  • Join the community and get your questions answered – Connect with developers in our Facebook Developers Group, and find answers to your questions in our Help Center and on Stack Overflow.

More In Facebook Analytics Update:

You can learn a lot about your customers from their purchases, the questions they ask, or the interactions you have with them. But how do you learn about those you haven’t met yet – people who are just discovering your business?

  • Highlights: Get an overview of the people interacting with your business with data on age ranges, gender, city, country, language and more.
  • Demographics: Go beyond standard demographics and really get to know who’s interested in your business. You’ll be able to view insights such as job titles, education level, and relationship status.
  • Page Likes: See what your audience is interested in by viewing the Facebook Pages and categories they like, and use this to better tailor your product and content.

You’ll also get all of these great audience insights, at an aggregated and anonymized level, for people who may just be visiting your website or downloading your app, not just those who’ve signed up or purchased from your business.

More In Facebook Analytics Update:

Creating segments, funnels, and cohorts is an easy way to tap into the power of Facebook Analytics. Check out the videos below for a quick walkthrough on how to start using these tools.

Funnels: Easily put together a series of events for the product flows you care about to understand how people progress through each step. Watch Video

Segments: Learn how different groups of people are interacting with your business by creating segments based on their demographics, actions, and more. Watch Video

Retention & Cohorts: See how well you’re retaining customers with built-in retention reports, or create custom cohorts to analyze groups of people who take two specific actions you care about over a period of time. Watch Video

More In Facebook Analytics Update:

Now that you’ve set up your analytics, what data should you be looking at? Pay attention to these key metrics to get a deeper understanding of your business’s performance and identify growth opportunities.

  1. Active Users: This is the total number of people who engage with your business in a given time period. An active user is a measure of both growth and retention, so it’s a great way to measure overall success.
  2. Conversion: Measuring conversion helps you understand how effectively you’re moving people through your product experience and getting them to take a specific action. By setting up funnels, you can measure conversion at each stage of the customer journey.
  3. Engagement: Engagement is important in driving people to the desired outcome or turning them into loyal customers. See how many times people are taking a specific action with your business, like making a purchase or viewing a web page, and keep a close eye on how much time they’re spending with your business.
  4. Retention: Retention measures the percentage of people that come back to your product or business after a specific time period. Retention reports allow you to keep an eye on the long-term health of your business.
  5. Revenue: If you’re logging purchase events, view your revenue data to identify who your most valuable customers are and how valuable they are. See the impact changes to your product and customer experience have on your revenue.

As you update your product and launch marketing campaigns, these key metrics will help you understand your business’s performance and measure the impact of your efforts. Visit our blog to learn more about these metrics.

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More In Facebook Analytics Update:

Facebook Analytics is unique in its ability to measure people’s actions across both devices and channels. This allows you to get a complete view of your customer journey, from the time someone visits your site, so when they register in your app, so when they make a repeat purchase in your physical store.

We built event source groups (ESGs) to make it easy to unify analytics for your website, app, Page, and more. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click ‘New Event Source Group’ in the left-hand menu of your Facebook Analytics dashboard
  2. Choose the Business Manager Account that you want to create the ESG for and enter a name
  3. Select the event sources that you want to add to the ESG (e.g., App, Pixel, Facebook page, Offline Event Set)

And that’s it – simply click “View Analytics” to see your unified, omnichannel analytics. You can also access it at any time by visiting facebook.com/analytics and selecting your event source group from the left-hand menu of your dashboard.

Credit For This Details Content: The Facebook Analytics Team

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