SEO Checklist: Essential SEO Ecommerce Tips to Follow in 2019, SEO tips for eCommerce sites which help in getting traffic for your online store.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about getting a page ranked on top search engines. There are millions of pages indexed on Google, but all SEO experts and digital marketers care about are achieving a good search engine results page (SERP) rank. As easy as it sounds, it can get a bit tricky if you are battling on a highly competitive keyword.

If you are an eCommerce business, I’m pretty sure you know how important it is to get a good rank. Not only do you generate organic traffic, but they also increase sales. Although, I’m not writing today to get into the basics of SEO, as you’ll find tons of content on that. What I wish to highlight today is how new or old eCommerce websites can increase their chances of getting noticed this year by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu to achieve a high rank. – And yes, it’s possible with this easy SEO checklist!

Learn the Basics to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

Have you heard of Amazon’s Alexa? Pretty impressive, right? Well, before Alexa was launched, Google had already created a voice search feature for phones, tablets, and computers. However, this trend is rising significantly!

Voice Searches

According to Campaign life, by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches. In fact, SEO expert Stephen Kenwright has tweeted in 2016, that 40% of adults are already using voice search once per day.

What have you done do cope with the rising demand for voice searches? Nothing? Well, you’ve still got time to do it, since not many e-commerce sites have done much to optimize their web pages. It’s pretty simple, as all you have to focus on is typing your product and service details accurately and error-free. In addition, you may need to change your keywords as text and voice search terms may differ in many cases.

Mobile First Indexing

According to Statista, 63.4% of all mobile users will start using the internet through their handsets in 2018. This clearly indicates that most of the traffic you’ll generate for your e-commerce store will be of mobile users.

In addition, Google has also considered the importance of mobile internet users by announcing its mobile-first algorithm. According to this update, Google will rank those websites higher which are mobile-optimized.

Mobile First Indexing

Wondering where to start? Here are a few pointers to get your website mobile-ready.

  • Use Mobile-friendly Tool from Google to check how your site appears on a handset
  • Make sure your site is easily crawlable
  • Make sure your website loads fast. Use Google’s Mobile Speed Score Card calculator to test it.
  • Ensure the mobile version has all the structured data as the desktop version
  • Optimize all your content and titles for mobiles.

Product Reviews are Crucial in Developing Trust

With the digital world filled with e-commerce sites and the rise of digital scams, customers don’t trust every other e-commerce brand they see. In addition, now that many top B2B portals are also offering products to both consumers and businesses, it has become essential for eCommerce businesses to earn consumer trust with a heart-touching strategy.

Product Reviews

The best one in our view is adding product reviews on your website or sharing them via social networks. This’ll encourage many new and old customers to consider buying from you.

Note: Ask every customer to provide a review for your product after using it. That way you’ll have a good set of product reviews to use in your hands. – If you’re worried about poor reviews, remember you’re the admin of the site, and you can add or delete anything. – Not that we advise you to remove poor reviews if you get any!

Link to Main Categories and Product Pages from Home Page

This tip will not only show your visitors your best products and most important categories but also hint Google and other search engines that you want these pages to be indexed accordingly. However, that doesn’t mean you should over flood your mega menu and homepage with internal links. This will only weaken the effectiveness of this strategy.

Link to Main Categories and Product Pages

You need to test by moving your key products around occasionally. Check which internal links work for you and stick to them till you get results.


Content Is King!

At least in the digital world, it is! You need to focus on creating content for both on and offsite. You can start off by creating unique and informative content related to your products and services, and later on, move towards showing your consumers your expertise in the e-commerce business.

Content Is King

For your own e-commerce site, you can create the following pieces.

  • Product reviews of bestselling items
  • How-tos
  • Videos that reveal unboxing and assembly
  • A content base that has an FAQ and product tutorials

Once you’re done with that, use social networks and look for sites that allow guest posting to publishing content related to your website. If you achieve creating high-quality and engaging content, your posts will get shares, your site will get flooded with traffic, and Google will also give you a better rank­. ­

Note: Google loves high-quality and helpful content!

Don’t Forget the Fundamentals of Ecommerce SEO

While you’re working on adapting to new trends, don’t fall back in keeping your eyes on all the SEO basics. Make sure all the content on your website is of high-quality. That includes your product description, as they need to be keyword-oriented and unique.

Fundamentals of Ecommerce SEO

Note: Product reviews aren’t written just to tell what your product or service is. You’re trying to sell it!

Apart from descriptions, image optimization is also a key priority. Optimized images can help your products to sell well, increase your traffic and help you achieve a rank in Google image searches. Don’t forget to add alt text to all your images. After going through images, remember to keep all your page titles and Meta descriptions unique and catchy. You wouldn’t want your page to get lost in the crowd of millions.

Wrap Up Essential SEO Ecommerce Tips

This year has seen many SEO trends come to life and many getting buried. However, the ones we have listed above are here to stay. So if you want to boost your SEO approach go through this checklist and analyze your website to see if you’re on the right path or not.