When it’s come to manage the best Essentail strategic SEO for small businesses, many business owners mostly worried about the budget to invest in. So here we manage the essential SEO checklist for a small business which is very much easy to manage for any business owner within their budget.

Every business owner wants to improve their visibility in search engines & this is the best essential SEO checklist for small businesses. If you follow all the bellow points for your business, you will definitely rank higher in the search engines & drive more and more traffic to your website which helps to get more leads/sales.

SEO Checklist:
  • Select the best relevant keywords for your business for which you want to rank.
  • Use Google’s Keyword Tool to select keywords.
  • Create the best content for that selected keyword.
  • Optimize those content for the selected keyword.
  • Create accounts on Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Webmaster, and Google+.
  • Write a unique, descriptive title and meta description for each page.
  • For each page, add the targeted keyword to the URL, page title, meta description, and header tag.
  • For each image, add the targeted keyword to the image file name, image title, image caption and most important IMG alt attribute.
  • Manage the main topic heading in.Tag, also keep used.
    tag once in a page
  • Put your address and contact detail in a prominent position on your site where the user can easily find.
  • Manage Google Maps for advance address search.
  • Integrate social media sharing links & buttons of your social media accounts to every page of your site.
  • Manage proper linking to your best content from your homepage and/or from the main navigation area.
  • Make each page of your site accessible within 3 clicks from your homepage.
  • Make sure your website loads properly in different web browsers and screen resolutions.
  • Add your site to several industries & local online directories.
  • Contact similar businesses & bloggers and ask them to link to your best content.
  • Ask your partners/suppliers/customers/friends to link to your site.
  • Use appropriate tools to find the good backlinks that your competitors already have and use them for your business.
  • Keep on updating content to your site on a monthly basis.
  • In our site, we have managed various posts where we explain how to do this, but still, if you need me to do this for you then you can also Hire Me or ask questions through the comment box. If you want to add more points in SEO Checklist For Small Business, Kindly share with comment.

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