I was working on Cpanel for my one of client & one day I got an error while I try to open my database table through Cpanel “ Error: Token Mismatch ”. In my 4 years of experience, while dealing with PhpMyAdmin, I never came across the same error. So it’s new for me, I felt might it’s because of my browser on the same day it was stopped working several times. But I tried a different browser but the issue was the same. I got frustrated as I was working on a live server & database as that was a small change.” Error:token mismatch Phpmyadmin.

It seems like my browser may be sending incorrect data or possibly removing the data requisite for authentication entirely. Then I try for clearing my browser cache. Still no luck.

So how I successfully resolved Error: Token Mismatch ”?

I had researched and I found why this occurs, let’s get to know why this happens.

While optimizing the tables or opening the databases through PhpMyAdmin, because of /tmp partition is full on the server this happened.

A solution to this is, remove sessions or other unnecessary files & make the disk space available. Otherwise, you need to allocate extra disk space to /tmp.

I also found that when my server actual disk space exceeds the limit it still starts showing the same error and this time it’s not allowing me to edit my server file as well with ‘Error: Token Mismatch ‘ error in PhpMyAdmin. So I deleted unwanted files from my server (Cpanel) file manager folder like I was having last three consecutive month backups.

So these solutions worked out for me. I hope if these errors occur with any then my solution may help them.

Also, I read somewhere ‘ Error: Token Mismatch ‘ error in PhpMyAdmin gets solved for many by just clearing the browser cache, so I hope that too even my work.

My ‘ Error: Token Mismatch ‘ error Is Solved.

I would like to hear your story kindly share that with a comment.

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